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*Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Quick-Step
It feels like ages ago that we moved house but we’ve only actually lived in our new bungalow a couple of months and the decorating is still all on-going. There’s currently only the hall that is complete; or so my boyfriend will tell you, I, however still need mirrors and art hanging, and then it’ll be ready. But, the walls are done and the floor is down, so technically it’s just the added extras that need doing. 

As soon as we got the keys to our new two bedroom bungalow, I knew I wanted laminate flooring for the hall. Ian is very much a fan of carpet but I was not compromising (lol, do I ever?) and was adamant on getting my own way! As soon as I explained why it would be a better option, he didn’t need much persuasion and agreed it was a wise choice.
So, why was I so dead-set on laminate for the hall?
  1. We have a dog; and not just any dog, a dog that likes coming home from his walks with dirty paws. I wasn’t having my pupper run mud all over a carpet when flooring is so much easier to clean.
  2. My powerchair; when I’ve been out in the rain (on the odd occasion I go out when it rains) or been on the dog walk and gone over fields, my wheels get rotten and I didn’t want to drive that into my house.
  3. My powerchair (I know I’ve just said this but go with me); it’s so much smoother to drive over wood flooring in a wheelchair.
Basically, it’s easier to clean and keep clean, without being high maintenance in the slightest. 

Quickstep oak wooden flooring
I was sent a few samples of oak laminate flooring and almost immediately decided on which one I preferred. They were all really lovely but the Impressive Ultra Classic Oak Natural Laminate really stood out to both me and my boyfriend and I knew that was the one I had to have. 
The Quick-Step Impressive Ultra comes in 12mm boards, it’s water-resistant, scratch-resistant, easy to install and comes with a 25 year warranty. I love the colour of the floor, the grain looks great and I’m just really impressed with how such a small space has been completely transformed by a few boxes of boards.
My brother has Quick-Step flooring throughout his house and it looks absolutely gorgeous, so I was excited to see how mine would compare, and I love it!
Quickstep oak wooden flooring

Ian had never fitted laminate flooring before and because we have six doors going off our hall (bungalow life) he wasn’t confident in doing all the cutting etc. so I got a man in to install it for us. Due to the amount of doors, it took about five hours to fit but would have been considerably less if there wasn’t so many door-frames to take into consideration. The actual boards were really easy to slot together and if we hadn’t had so many cuts to make, Ian would have easily done it himself because the boards just click into place like jigsaw pieces.

Red and white cockapoo puppy sat on oak flooring

The main selling points of Quick-Step flooring is how aesthetically pleasing it is, how much choice there is available (seriously, go on their website, there’s so many colours and finishes), how easy it is to maintain (hello mucky puppy and muddy wheelchair tyres), and that it’s water resistant; so much so that you can use it in the bathroom or kitchen as an alternative to tiles.

Quick-Step Impressive Ultra Classic Oak Natural has taken my hall from an awful floral pink (it was so hideous when we moved in) to a stylish, modern entrance and I love it!

If you’re redecorating and fancy a change, I highly recommend checking out Quick-Step, they won’t be beaten on quality (and I’ve just called my brother, and he recommends them, too)!

What type of flooring do you have in your home?
                 *Disclaimer: This post is sponsored but all views are my honest, unbiased opinion.

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    I love the course you chose and I bet Ted appreciates a nice cool floor in the heat. Makes me want wooden flooring tbh haha and makes a lot of sense to have wooden flooring for you! Xx

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