A month ago I wrote a post about how I need a more specialised wheelchair; I had to raise £5000 and hoped to have it before Christmas. I wasn’t pinning my hopes on raising it really quickly and never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d raise it in 26 days. I can’t believe it. Even writing this, I’m still in shock, and I reached my target on Monday. I can’t thank everyone that donated enough, I’m so so grateful. 
£5k was a mountain, I never thought I’d reach it, so as well as promoting via Twitter, I got in touch with my local newspaper. Once that was published I had an email from ITV News Anglia. The same day a cameraman came to the house and did an interview. My two minute piece didn’t air until the following week but the night it did I had an incredibly generous £1000 donation from one person and over £400 from others. I couldn’t believe it, I cried all the happy tears and kept calling my Mum freaking out. For the first two weeks I’d raised £1000 per week but when I was on TV my target jumped to over £4000. 
Last Thursday I went and put a deposit down on my new wheels; I’ve decided to get the chassis in purple and it should be delivered on the 21st November. I’m so excited and to say it’ll change my life is a complete understatement. Only today I went out in my current wheelchair and within twenty minutes I was in agony and desperate to get out of it. My new wheelchair is so comfortable, it has pressure relief cushions and I’m pretty sure my bum (and back) will be very happy.
I want to thank everyone that shared and donated towards my wheelchair. I would never have been able to get it without you. A part of me really wants to write ‘thank you’ five thousand times! I’m so appreciative, overwhelmed, and grateful of all the support. 


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    I'm so very happy for you. But I'm also really pissed off that your government wouldn't pay for it. You should not have had to go through this to get what you need.

    I use a mobility scooter and, though it's the best I can get, it's still very painful. Those cracks in sidewalks can be like craters!


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