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Initially this post was going to show off my finished bedroom, complete with the beautiful wall art that I took hours choosing from Desenio, however with COVID-19 taking over the world, my final bits and pieces I needed to finish off our bedroom have been postponed. I’m still waiting on my plush grey carpet and kingsize bed with a beautiful upholstered headboard – I have no idea when they’ll be arriving but I couldn’t wait to show you my prints!

If you know me then you know I spend a lot of time in my bedroom; having a chronic illness means that I am accustomed to spending days, if not weeks in bed recovering from a flare up and so I wanted to make my space as pretty and relaxing as possible.

I wasn’t sure which prints I was going to go with for above the bed as I didn’t have a particular style in mind but as soon as I saw this pair, ‘Dear Bed‘ and ‘I Love You‘, I thought they were very apt for my life and love affair with my bed. Yes, I am the ultimate nap queen! I also really liked that the first one began like a letter, and as a writer, what could be better!?

I also decided on two smaller prints for our bedside tables as I like changing up the style on them and think they add something different. I went with the ampersand for my side and ‘breathe‘ for Ian’s to remind us to relax in our cosy space.

I picked black frames for all the prints as I have all my prints throughout the house in black frames so wanted them to match my aesthetic. Desenio have a variety of different coloured frames available in every size they do their prints in and you can easily add the frames to your order upon picking your prints.

The Desenio website is so user-friendly; you can pick your prints by room, by category and even colour. They also have an awesome gallery wall tool that allows you to select the prints you like and combine them on the page to see what they’ll look like together. There’s also the option to buy a complete gallery wall that Desenio have chosen with prints they know go well together, so that takes the effort out of it and is a fantastic choice if you are struggling to put your wall together.

There’s so much choice and art for absolutely everyone, from bold and bright to simple and minimalistic, line drawings to landscapes – there’s pieces for every household and every taste.

Get 25% off prints using discount code: SARAHLEX (this is not an affiliate link). The code is valid until midnight May 12th 2020 and does not apply to frames nor handpicked/personalised items.

Do you have any Desenio prints?

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