I’ve only recently been introduced to Vincent Longo Cosmetics but the brand was founded in 1995 by celebrity makeup artist Vincent Longo. It’s a luxury brand that is loved by beauty editors, models, actors and makeup artists. And *spoiler alert* this little beauty adoring blogger.

VL Cosmetics packaging is sleek black with aqua lettering. I like that the blush and highlighters have a small transparent cut-out so the shades are visible. And massive props for the mirror in the eyeshadow pan. The three larger products (blusher, highlighter, foundation) all twist to open, and the foundation has stoppers so it’s securely closed. There’s no way these will be opening in your makeup bag.

Vincent Longo Cosmetics Water Canvas Base* | £33.50 | Cult Beauty |

I used to think I had oily skin but I’ve recently learned I’m combination, and lately my dry patches have been a bit of a nightmare. When this fell into my life, I knew I had to give it a go right away. It’s a completely oil-free primer that adds a boost of hydration to the skin whilst preparing the face for all your other products. It’s really lightweight and enriched with lots of goodness for the skin that won’t clog pores. Does it make my makeup last longer? Who knows, I only wear makeup six hours max every few days. What it does do is leave me with a smooth canvas to apply all my other products on top, and I’m all about that.

Vincent Longo Water Canvas Creme-to-Powder Blush – Swan Lake* | £33.50 | Cult Beauty |
Swan Lake is a beautiful everyday cool toned, pale pink that gives a natural flush to the cheeks. I’d never ever felt any other makeup product like this, when I first swatched it it felt like water and that’s because VL Cosmetics use a technology called ‘Microwater’. It hydrates whilst soothing any dry patches and adds the prettiest colour to the face. It’s such a refreshing formula that lasts hours. I love cream blushers as I feel like they have much more staying power but this tops anything I’ve ever tried. Swan Lake is fab for my fair skin and I simply can’t get enough. I apply it with my fingers and blend it out (effortlessly might I add) with a duo-fibre brush. I have a feeling this is going to be on my face a lot throughout the warmer months. 
Vincent Longo Cosmetics Water Canvas Creme-to-Powder Highlighter – Mermaid Muse* | £32 | Cult Beauty |
Can you just scroll down to see the swatches of this before reading, please. I didn’t notice the name of this product until writing this and I swear when I first applied it I said I was ‘getting mermaid vibes’. It’s a pearlescent champagne pink that is so stunning I could cry, (okay, not literally but I’m dramatic, and love highlighters; go with me). With the same formula as the blusher, this illuminator blends effortlessly into the skin and feels like a dream. There’s no chunky glitter in sight, and the product is completely buildable; you can go for sheer or intense coverage and they’re both transcendental. Did I mention it melts into the skin? This formula is so bloody wonderful. You need it, you’ll love it.

Vincent Longo Cosmetics Pearl X Eyeshadow – Luna Beach* | £19 | Cult Beauty |

Have you ever seen anything like this? I was completely blown away when I opened this eyeshadow for the first time as it’s so unique. It is described as, ‘multi-textured, multi-hued and multi-finish,’ and I couldn’t agree more. There’s a mixture of matte and shimmer shades that can be used wet or dry. It’s a powder formula that contains at least four colours. Luna Beach is a shimmering amethyst taupe when swirled all together, with an intense shine and foiled effect. I also picked out the bottom blue and purple tones which created a beautiful duo-chrome; the middle section for a stunning silvery taupe; and the top created bronze with gold flecks. This one eyeshadow pan can be used a variety of ways and creates a rainbow of colours. It also wears beautifully, is immensely pigmented and blends like an absolute dream. I’m so impressed, I need more.

Vincent Longo Cosmetics Thinstick Lipstick – Baby* | £21 | Cult Beauty |

If you pop by here regularly you’ll know I’m a liquid lipstick girl, I’m lazy and find them easier as there’s hardly ever any retouching. However, I’ve been wearing cream lipsticks if I’m not going out to eat and I’m a little bit impressed with this. Baby is that nude all makeup lovers need in their collection; it’s highly pigmented in one swipe, it’s moisturising, and feels really comfortable on the lips. I don’t tend to go for these thin lipsticks, I don’t know why, I just never pick them up but I’m glad I got to try this, the formula is spot on and the shade is lovely.

Vincent Longo Cosmetics Water Canvas Creme-to-Powder Foundation* | £43.50 | Cult Beauty |

I have this in shade Porcelain (no surprise there, Casper) and I was pretty sceptical as I’m not a powder foundation kind of girl; I like my liquids. This foundation has the same ‘Microwater’ as the blusher and highlighter and it really does act like a cream product. It’s easy to apply and blend, with a buildable coverage; you can wear it sheered out or medium coverage. It’s really hydrating and has a light dewy finish that I find really natural and subtle. I’ve worn it mostly quite light as I’m into the ‘no makeup makeup look’ lately, and I’m loving it. It is on the pricey side but a little bit of product goes a long way, and if you’re dry, you’ll adore it.

All in all, I’m completely bowing down to Vincent Longo Cosmetics. It’s not often a brand comes along and I enjoy all of their products, there’s usually a few hits and misses, but I’m so impressed with everything I’ve tried. My favourite item is definitely the eyeshadow, I’ve never seen anything like it and it’s so versatile. I’m also in love with the blusher and highlighter too, the consistency of them is so exquisite and they’re so easy to apply.

VL Cosmetics is such a unique and innovative brand with products to match and I can’t wait to try more.

Have you tried anything from Vincent Longo Cosmetics?


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