Oh my days, I can’t tell you how annoyed I was that I missed this palette when it was released as a limited edition product last year. But when I found out it would be making a comeback, the joy was real. Too Faced has released a Sweet Peach collection alongside this palette but it’s not yet out in the UK and all I really wanted was the palette which is currently available in Debenhams, so I got that, and the rest of the collection should be out mid-January – so keep a look-out if you’re after the glosses, blusher and/or glow palette.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette | £39 | Debenhams |

As soon as this palette hit Debenhams website, I swiped it up and got it sent next day delivery as I simply wasn’t waiting any longer. The first thing I noticed was obviously the packaging; the eighteen eyeshadows come in the standard rectangular metal tin like all of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes. It has embossed peaches on the outside above each eyeshadow, a lovely peach-pink-light-peach ombre effect and a magnetic closing. The peach scent is noticeable even when the palette is closed and it’s super sweet, so if you don’t like that kind of thing, definitely give this a pass.

I’ve had this palette for a few weeks now and I’m really enjoying it, the matte shades are really easy to blend and have great pigmentation, as do a lot of the shimmer/satin shades. Some of the darker colours (Delectable and Talk Derby to Me) take a bit of building up and can come off patchy if you’re not using a primer; so make sure you prime those eyes, my dears. I particularly love Luscious, Nectar and Bellini on the lid – they look really stunning and have great longevity. And White Peach is great for the brow bone and a inner-corner highlight – I was actually shocked that it was noticeable on my extremely pale skin.

I’ve been able to create soft, subtle eye looks with the Sweet Peach palette, and I’ve never really played around with peaches and pinks, on the eyes before but I really like it. I think it complements my skin tone (is corpse a skin tone?).

Do I like this palette? Yes, I do. The packaging is gorgeous and if you know me you know I’m a sucker for cute packaging (what makeup lover isn’t?), the shadows are wearable, pigmented, buttery and (mostly) apply like a dream, and it smells bloody marvellous. Oh and don’t worry the scent doesn’t linger once it’s been applied to the eyes. I would have liked to see quite a few more peach colours in the palette though, especially more darker peach mattes for the crease, and I guess that’s my only let-down. I mean it’s called Sweet Peach but there’s not even an orange – baffled. Despite that, I’m definitely a fan. I’m a palette junkie, and I don’t regret buying this at all.

Top row:
White Peach – White beige with satin finish
Luscious – Copper brown with metallic finish
Just Peachy – Rosy pink with gold shimmer
Bless Her Heart – Medium olive green with shimmer
Tempting – Blackended brown with shimmer
Charmed, I’m Sure – Matte medium brown
Middle row:
Nectar – Light medium gold with frosted sheen
Cobbler – Red-brown with sheen
Candied Peach – Peach with slight pink glitter
Belini – Light peach-pink with golden shimmer
Peach Pit – Dark red-brown with shimmer
Delectable – Dark purple with satin finish
Bottom row:
Peaches ‘n Cream – Matte light yellow-peach
Georgia – Matte medium peach
Caramelized – Bronze with frosted sheen
Puree – Matte caramel-brown
Summer Yum – Matte red-brown
Talk Derby To Me – Satin blackened purple 

I love all my Too Faced palettes and at the moment this is my pride and joy; it’s been all over my Instagram and all over my face. Okay, not my whole face, just my eyes. I’ll definitely be using it tomorrow for my birthday meal.

Have you tried the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette?


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    Corpse skin tone made me laugh. The packaging is so beaut, I'm so glad you're enjoying the palette! It is a little bit weird that there aren't that many orange colours. I haven't smelt it myself but I can imagine peach is a bit odd, even if it is nice! I recently got the sweet Bon bons palette and it is lovely. I'll be keeping my eye out for this palette in future though! Gweni xxx


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    I've been really torn between which Too Faced palette to treat myself to. I really want Sweet Peach because obviously it's the palette everyone loves and raves about but there are some colours I know I would hardly ever wear which is a real shame! I'm so glad it made a comeback though so you could get your hands on it! xx


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    I'm definitely picking this up for myself when I've saved a bit of money up. I see what you mean about the lack of peach shades, a few more would have been nice! I love the formula of their eyeshadows so hopefully this won't disappoint. x

    Megan | http://www.meganjean.co.uk

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    I've been having so many debates with myself whether or not to get this palette, it's so beautiful but I'd really hoped it'd have more peach tones and oranges like it's name suggests! I'm so happy for you that you were able to grab it though!

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    I've had this for a while now and I had no idea it was coming back! I love it, it was my go-to all summer long. I really want to try some of the other bits they've launched with it.

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    Ahhh I want to try this so bad! My bank just won't allow me at the moment (sob sob), Id be nervous of the peachy colours too on my skin tone!

    Katie | silverglowx.com

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