A few weeks ago I travelled back up north to spend a week with my family. I stayed for eight days and my nephew slept over at my Mum’s house seven out of those eight nights. I couldn’t move without him; he followed me to the bathroom, he sat on my knee at any given time, he slept in the same bed as me. He was literally my shadow and I’m totally not complaining. 

Kaine came out with some absolutely hilarious things so I’m going to share all the things he said whilst I was at home. 

As soon as I drove into my Mum’s road, she was waiting in the street with my nephew who was jumping up and down chanting my name. We had kisses and cuddles, and I went straight to the bedroom I was sleeping in to get my pjs on as it’d been an exceptionally long drive. Obviously KP followed me. I threw my phone on the bed and began to open my suitcase and this happened…

KP – Sarah, you got PPI?
Me – *laughing my head off*

*Kaine has a scratch on his leg*

Me – What have you done to your leg?
KP – It supposed to be like that.

Kaine wouldn’t go to sleep, so Nanny (my Mum) kept coming in to check on him and he’d hide behind the iPad and whisper ‘her gone?’ to me!

Me – Is there room in your dump truck for rubbish?
KP – Sarah, no, it only a pretend one.

KP – Sarah, my got something to tell you. My dog hit me on the head with a hammer and my just laugh my head off.

*KP went out with my the dogs*
KP – My hope Sarah will be okay on her own. You look after yourself, Sarah.

*KP in the bath*
Me – Have you washed yourself?
KP – Yeah, smell my fingers, Sarah.

KP – Sometimes my stinky, sometimes my not.

Me – Can you sit next to me (not between my legs) so I can do some work?
KP – You not need to work
Me – I do
KP – Nah.

*Kaine got a Loki toy in his Kinder Egg and kept calling him Lucas*

KP – Nanny Jackie
Me – Do you know what Nanny’s full name is? Jacqueline
KP – Nanny jaq-ween (sounded very similar to ‘drag queen’)

Me – What time are you going home?
KP – Two more weeks.

Me – You’re my favourite
KP – Nanny my favourite

Me – Am I your second favourite?
KP – Yeah.

I’m pretty sure he’s 3 going on 33.

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