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As someone that is very attached to their phone, I have an app for most things; photo editing, banking, bill tracking etc. But I’d never found one for my health that was truly worthwhile. They either didn’t do enough, underperformed or crashed when I input my extensive medical history. When I heard about Evergreen Life my interest peaked and I wondered whether it’d deliver exactly what I wanted…It did, and so much more.

Being chronically ill, my memory is chronically awful and I have dozens of medication reminders on my phone or write in a journal what I need to tell a particular doctor but I’ve never been able to have all that information in one place. And I also forget where I’ve stored certain notes. But not anymore because everything, and I mean everything is on my Evergreen Life app. It should basically be called my ‘medical lifesaver’ app.
So, what does it do and why should you download it?
First off, it’s completely free to download so even if you wanted to check it out and test the interface, whether it’s easy to use and if it’s suitable for you, you won’t be losing any dosh if you don’t like it. But I can guarantee if you’re chronically ill, disabled or have a lot of medical appointments; it will probably take up permanent residence on your device.

On the apps home page you can link up to your GP’s system, access your health record, your DNA, store documents and letters and monitor your fitness levels.
With the GP system you can book and cancel appointments, view your medical record and order repeat prescriptions. Evergreen Life are connected to all three major GP systems in England, and all you have to do to get connected is contact your GP surgery for an online Account ID and Account Linkage Key. If you already have an online account with your surgery, you’ll already have the information you need. It’s quick and simple to do and definitely worth it.

The health record is broken down into conditions, allergies/intolerances, medication, medication diary and vaccinations. You can input as much information as you want and update it at any time. I find the medication diary incredible; it shows all my medications, I set reminders for them and can tick off when I’ve had them. I’m awful at remembering to take my meds, I’ve spoken about it so often but am getting into a routine of clicking ‘taken’ on my app. It takes a while to get used to logging everything but it soon becomes second nature. Again, this is super easy to use and update, and hopefully you’ll never miss an important dose again.
Storing documents and letters is fab because it allows you to take pictures of your documentation and store it in the app. You can then link it to an existing condition you’ve already input, link to a medication and add notes. I love this function because I can comment on my doctors’ letters without having to write on the actual letter. I find it useful for, let’s say, I’ve seen my cardiologist and want to discuss his recommendations with my GP; I can make the notes in my app and have the letter with me without having to remember to take the actual piece of paper. I might forget a lot of things but I rarely forget my phone.

The health and fitness section allows the user to keep track of measurements, temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, and so much more. You can also share your record with up to six people.
I really like the Evergreen Life app, it took me quite a while to add my medical history and all my medications into it but it has been very much worth it. I haven’t missed a dose in a while and have all my medication documentation easy to obtain in one place. The only thing missing for me, and maybe this could come in on an update, is a place for writing new symptoms and being able to keep a track of when they occur. Other than that, it’s a great addition to my phone and I recommend you take a look at it.

Have you ever used a health app?
*Disclaimer: This post is sponsored, the review is my honest, unbiased opinion


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