Sarah sat in powerchair with brown hair down wearing leopard print trousers, Dr Martens boots, leather jacket and Nirvana tee

If you haven’t already noticed, I have been sharing a bit of fashion on here and quite a lot on Instagram and am really enjoying it. I never thought I would get here, posting full-length photos of me but I’m glad that I have.

When I was younger and found my style, it was grungey, alternative, faux leather and band t-shirts. As I put on weight, I began to lose my identity and believed that I couldn’t wear certain clothes so I stuck with jeans and hoodies as I felt comfortable and could hide myself in them. This, however, did me no favours. I hated going out, I never had anything nice to wear, I didn’t want anything nice to wear because I thought I’d look ridiculous in it, and I didn’t want people to look at me in that condescending way of ‘she can’t wear that.’

Recently this all changed and my love for fashion has sparked anew. You can read a bit more about that here. I still have my body hang-ups but I’m learning and everyone has noticed how much more confident I am, which is boss.

I’ve done a few shoots wearing a variety of different outfits over the last few months but this outfit is me. If someone had told me six months ago I’d be wearing leopard print trousers I’d have cried laughing. Six months ago, I would never have dreamed of buying these trousers, let alone wearing them outside my house.

But as soon as I put them on, chucked on my Nirvana tee and Dr Martens, I felt like I was slaying my own life. It was like a wizard showed up in my bedroom and changed me into a different person; a confident, fierce, kick-ass gal that rocks the hell out of the leopard print; that would use my Docs to stomp on any hater. I put my faux leather jacket on and was done. I wanted to wear this outfit for the rest of my life because it transformed me into someone I never thought I’d be again.

Funny how clothes can do that to a person. The power of fashion is a good one and it’s a power I plan on never letting go of.

I honestly felt so fucking cool. I felt powerful, and for the first time in quite a long time, I didn’t want to be invisible. All the outfits I posted before this one built my confidence but nothing as much as this. None of them made me feel quite like the old me again as much as this did.

This outfit proved to me that I can be fat and still dress like a boss!

Close up of black Dr Martens boots

I’d wanted a pair of Dr Martens forever and finally treated myself to this stunning pair as an early Christmas present to myself. I love the zip detail and the textured leather. They go with absolutely everything and I’ve worn them every time I’ve gone out since owning them. I picked mine up at Schuh.

Sarah sat in powerchair with brown hair down wearing leopard print trousers, Dr Martens boots, leather jacket and Nirvana tee

I’ve gone through maybe three of these Nirvana tees since my teens and will forever repurchase it whenever it ends up with too many holes. I love a band tee, especially Nirvana! I got this from EMP who have a massive selection of plus size alternative clothing available.

My beloved leopard print trousers that are so incredibly comfortable, have an elasticated waist and tapered leg are from Simply Be, and my gorge faux leather jacket – New Look.

My mindset with fashion and my body has taken a drastic change lately and I’ll wear whatever the hell I want and rock the shit out of it.

What is your favourite outfit?


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