I think I love skincare just as much as makeup. Okay, a tad less, but even so, you have to take care of your skin for your makeup to apply flawlessly. My skin type is combination, I have the odd dry bits, oily T-zone and some scarring and pigmentation. I’m forever being told I have lovely skin but I beg to differ.

When I was invited to give the Skin Renewal treatment a go, I was more than willing. I’m always looking for innovative products to test out. The kit consists of two products, a rejuvenating serum and a skin roller.

Swiss Clinic Skin Renewal* | £84 | Swiss Clinic |

Let’s talk about the skin roller. I must admit, when I first opened the packaging I was quite intimidated because there’s tiny needles. 540 micro-needles to be exact, but they’re only 0.5 mm in length (you can also get 0.2 mm).

What does it do?

‘The Skin Roller makes micro-channels in the skin, causing the skin to respond as if it’s been damaged. This triggers the healing process and the production of collagen. These micro-channels also help the skin to absorb large amounts of active ingredients from the subsequent Rejuvenating Serum treatment. In fact, up to 300% more than when the serum is applied without the roller.’

This means the Serum is targeting more layers of the skin rather than just the epidermis, the top layer. Not only is it forming new, healthy skin, it reduces the appearance of fine lines, scars and pores, as well as improving elasticity and blood circulation.

How to

It is recommended that you use the kit daily for 5-7 days and then give your skin some time to heal before resuming the treatment. After sanitising the roller, and thoroughly cleansing your face, you move the roller back and fourth for a few minutes over the face. For optimal results roll in all different directions to make sure all areas are covered.

Straight away apply the Rejuvenating Serum to the face and allow that to soak in. Follow up with your moisturiser. If you have any open wounds, do not use the roller near them.

My experience

I used the Skin Renewal treatment kit for a full 7 days and then had 4 days off before starting again.

Upon first use the sensation of running the roller over my face felt a little like stinging nettles, it wasn’t painful and it didn’t last, it was simply a few seconds of a strange feeling. After the first few times, I didn’t feel anything, it was actually quite relaxing.

I was expecting my face to look red and irritated after using the roller but it didn’t and as soon as I applied the serum, I felt like it sunk into my skin really quickly. On the second day, my skin looked really good, it was glowing and plump, and I was really impressed.

After a week, I have less dry patches, less texture and less imperfections; I’m pretty sure this micro-needling is for me. My skin looks really healthy and I’d even consider leaving the house completely barefaced because I’m so happy with it. And I’m never happy with my skin…(unless I have a full face of makeup on).

This will definitely be a permanent feature in my skincare routine. If it continues to help reduce pores, wrinkles and scarring, I’m going to be very happy.

Have you ever tried any Swiss Clinic products?


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    Ooh. I love the idea of this!! It sounds like it'd be right up my street & I'm so glad you were able to see the results quite quickly – It's not very often with skincare you can see a pretty much immediate difference, so that's cool. I really enjoyed reading this post love!

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