Welcome to my first Christmas Gift Guide, my loves. This one is especially for my chronically ill readers, or if you know someone who has a chronic illness and are unsure what to purchase for them. We’re not difficult, give us some pyjamas and we’ll be buzzing.

1. Soft Fleece Grey Snowflakes Lounge Pants | £9.95 | Heat Treats |
I don’t tend to buy a lot of matching pjs, I like conventional jarmie bottoms and random band tshirts, I personally find it much more comfortable. So, if you know someone like me, someone that likes mismatched nightwear and gets super cold knees, these are for you. The fact they’re fleece will keep your spoonie pal warm during the cold winter nights and the design is super cute.

2. Patch Boot Slippers | £22 | Next |
These pink, grey and white booties are a dream. If any of my friends are reading this and want to buy me them, I’m a size 7, just saying. Next always do fab slippers and I love that these keep the feet and ankles warm but are also cute af.

3. Nivea Luscious Lips Giftpack | £5 | Superdrug |
Shock horror, it’s freezing and lips seem to be the first thing to dry out. I go through so many lip balms, I have them all over the house, in every bag, in my car, and am forever applying it when I’m not wearing lipstick. Certain medications can also impact the skin so this little set with four full size products would be a fab gift.

4. Stellar Mini Hot Water Bottle | £16 | Blue Badge Co |
Heat therapy is essential for my painful joints, and although I can’t fill one myself, I absolutely love having a cuddle with a hot water bottle. This mini one is great, I love putting it under my blanket when I’m outdoors in my wheelchair. You can also win one here.

5. Aroma Home Reindeer Snuggable Hottie | £13.95 | Heat Treats |
So, if your chronically ill family member/friend is unable to fill a hot water bottle (like me) and doesn’t have someone that can do it for them, this cute teddy can be put in the microwave for that much needed heat therapy. Not only that but it is lavender scented, so will keep the user warm whilst also helping them sleep. There’s loads of different plush toys to choose from; owls, penguins, dogs, bunnies, unicorns, dinosaurs. So many options.

6. Bear Hooded Dressing Gown | £20 | Asda |
Is this dressing gown not the cutest thing? It’s plush, it’s cosy, it’ll keep whomever you purchase it for all snuggly and warm. And when they put the hood up they’ll be a bear; could it get any better? Every spoonie needs a decent dressing gown, it’s like the law.

7. Super-Soft Animal Scandi Blanket – Grey | £12 | Asda |
I had to include a blanket to go with all my other snug pressies because I’m a bit of a blanket hoarder and as someone that can’t regulate their temperature blankets are a chill-saver. I have loads in various sizes and thicknesses because sometimes I’m a little bit cold and other times I’m absolutely freezing, and I need options. I love this one as it’s not too thick but it’ll give enough warmth for indoors and outdoors. The pattern is also really cute and not too Christmassy that it can’t be used all year round.

8. Red Christmas Morning Slogan Pyjama Set | £17.99 | New Look |
Although I’m not one for matching pjs, I like these because of the long sleeved top with shorts. A lot of chronically ill people have fluctuating body temperature and these are perfect for keeping cool but also staying warm. I love how festive they are without being overtly so. Plus, pyjamas are always a winner.

9. Noozie Bottle* | £24.95 | Noozie |
Another heat therapy device? Why yes, another one, and my favourite of them all. The Noozie bottle is an electric hot water bottle that is rechargeable and stays warm for 2-4 hours. You don’t need a kettle or a microwave, just a plug socket. I love my Noozie bottle because I can manage my therapy independently; I keep it and the charger in a drawer next to my bed and am able to charge it whenever I need to. It only takes 10-12 minutes for a full charge and heats up to about 65C. Check out my full review here. It’s amazing and am sure would be loved by anyone you gift it to.

10. Pebble – Electric Hand Warmer* | £22.95 | Noozie |
The Pebble from Noozie is an awesome pocket sized hand warmer and power bank. It has two heat settings, rechargeable via USB and gives off up to 4 hours of heat. I took mine out to Liverpool shopping a few weeks ago and it heats up really quickly and on the second setting, is really hot. It’s not lukewarm, or tepid, it does it’s job and gets HOT. If you know someone that suffers with Raynaud’s or has problems with their hands getting cold and painful, it’s great for those to use indoors. However, it’s also great for outdoor use, camping, travel etc. I’m loving my Pebble and so are my agonising hands.

Have you tried any of these products?
*Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples


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    I loved reading this! I’ve recently been diagnosed with a chronic illness and I feel so much better knowing what it is now and now my family and partner understand more when I struggle a lot with simple things but I can still feel quite lonely with it. A hot water bottle is one of my faves!


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