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*Disclaimer: Ad. This post contains PR items.

So, here’s the story; my Pops is a new Facebook user and every ad that pops up on his feed, he thoroughly investigates. That’s how I was introduced to Skull Shaver. Via my dad’s Facebook ads. It’s his 70th birthday next month and I called him asking if there was anything specific he’d like as a present and he immediately announced ‘a skull shaver.’

I went straight to Google to see what he was on about as I’d never heard of it. I then tweeted about it and the guys at Skull Shaver got in contact offering a Skull Shaver for my Pops and a Butterfly Kiss Fierce Shaver for me.

I’m not going to lie, I hate shaving, and having body hair really doesn’t bother me but on the odd occasion I do shave but it’s not something I do religiously. Mainly because body hair is extremely natural but also because it’s a lot of effort. I live in pain 24/7 and shaving uses up so much energy that I could use elsewhere so it’s not top of my priority list.

If you shave, cool, if you don’t, also cool. You do you!

Waxing doesn’t work for me because I have really thin skin due to my hEDS. Not only does waxing remove my hair, it also takes a layer of skin with it. Before using my Butterfly Kiss, I used a razor and would constantly cut myself, end up with razor bumps and although my legs would be hair-free, they’d also be covered in cuts. No amount of exfoliating or moisturising would help. I could also only do it in the shower, which is already a stressful, pain-filled activity. Dry shaving with a razor is not for me.

The main thing I love about the Butterfly Kiss shaver is I can shave sat in bed. It may not seem like a big deal but when shaving is such a big effort, being able to do it whenever and wherever I want is so easy and simple, and there’s no mess. I also really love the ergonomic design of the shaver, it fits nicely into the palm of the hand allowing complete control of the directionality of the shaver.

As well as being able to use it anywhere, you can also use it in the shower with gel/foam if you want to. For me, I much prefer the ease of shaving in my bedroom and not having to wait until I shower.

There are five flexible blades that don’t cut or nick the skin and give a really close shave whilst smoothly running over the contours of your body. I have used the shaver on both my legs and armpits very easily and quickly. I was shocked at how efficient it was.

The shaver is quick and easy to clean, and has an LED light to let the user know when charging is required. I have used it five times so far and it is still running from the first initial charge.

I am a big fan of the Butterfly Kiss Fierce Shaver, it’s so convenient and leaves my skin silky smooth.  I’ve not had any cuts or razor bumps, and am very grateful my Pops introduced me to this brand. Speaking of Pops, he’s obsessed with his Skull Shaver, he’s telling everyone how great is it and I’m pretty sure my mum is sick of hearing about it.

This Butterfly Kiss Fierce Shaver is a great alternative to waxing and shaving with a razor and I’m pretty much converted. It’s no hassle, no irritation and it’s easy to use.

Have you ever used an electric shaver?

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