Brain fog is something I experience daily, probably hourly, if not more. I’m much worse of an evening, especially after I’ve taken my nighttime meds. A combination of pain, fatigue, medication etc means that I have cognitive impairment that means I often talk a lot of nonsensical bullshit. I am very lucky that my boyfriend can often decipher what I’m trying to say or finish my sentences for me.

With all that in mind, I thought I’d share some foggy brain rubbish I’ve spouted out lately.

Me: Austria and Belgia. No, that’s not right, is it?
Bf: No
Me: Bel-jamier. Is that it?
Bf: No. Belguim
Me: Oh, that makes more sense. I prefer Bel-jamier.

Farm fair
Translation: arm hair

I’ll put that in my bog bog
Translation: brain fog list

*Singing* Take a sick of my secret cokey
Translation: Take a sip of my secret potion

Me: That thing is catching the wind screens
Bf: What?
Me: The thing on the wind screens
Bf: The fan on the curtains?
Me: Yeah

Open your eyes full price
Translation: wide open

Take them swat bods away
Translation: cotton buds

Put that in the swev
Translation: basket

They’re only a pound for socks and fucks
Translation: gloves

I’m never tick-lud
Translation: ticklish

Stiffy tocky pudding
Translation: sticky toffee

Me: Is that an ox or a buffoon?
Bf: A buffalo?
Me: That’s what I meant

Me: The other thing we need to do is put that on top of the clothes radiator
Bf: The wardrobe

You’re just saying that because of his smash
Translation: moustache

Me: He fell in a fast canal
Bf: A river

Hand scarf things
Translation: gloves

Me: Ah, Dexter, be careful, there’s hot cot-hot-erm-cot-hot
3 year old: Hot tea, Sarah

Me: I’ve had my Boost and McDonalds
Bf: McDonalds?
Me: The chocolate
Bf: Maltesers?
Me: Them

I’m a constant delight to be around, as long as you can understand the bizarre shit I chat.


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    I'm constantly using the wrong words due to my brain fog, today I said head instead of house. I can tell when my fibromyalgia is affecting me more based on how much I mess up what I'm saying, it's been pretty bad this week but that could be the lack of sleep from this wisdom tooth coming through.

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    Love this! I used to think I was the only one that did this until I got ill and learnt about brain fog being a thing, so posts like this make me feel relieved that it's not just me! Thank you!

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    Glad to read someone saying the stuff I say lol – I mis-read things too and always think I see swear words, the same with mis-hearing (what does that say about me??)

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