Last year I wrote a post about being disabled and wearing makeup; I never thought it’d get as much attention as it did because I was simply expressing my views on how society judges disabled people that choose to put cosmetics on their face. I knew it was as issue, I knew a lot of my disabled beauty lover friends had also dealt with negativity, and I wanted to address it. You can read my original post here if you like.

So, when Scope got in touch and asked me to be involved in their #30under30, #30toWatch campaign, I was extremely flattered, very proud, and obviously said yes. 
Each day in June, Scope have featured an extraordinary disabled person under the age of 30 and told their story. I just about scraped in, as I’m not 30 until January. I’m so honoured to be up there with incredible people that are doing some fantastic things. I’m featured amongst my gorgeous friends Kelly Perks-Bevington, Emily Yates and Emily Davison; definitely check these amazing ladies out.
I decided to write an article about how society perceives disability, how they think a disabled person should look, and what happens when we don’t fit the mould. The judgement we receive on wearing makeup, wearing heels, having tattoos and/or piercings – baffles me. Some people still think a disabled person should look like they’re suffering or not care about their appearance. Guys, disability doesn’t discriminate, I’m not cured because I’m wearing a Nars lippy!
Anyway, read my #30toWatch story here – Nobody is ‘too pretty’ to be in a wheelchair.
And wear whatever the bloody hell you want! Disabled or not.

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