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Pretty sure I have mentioned my paleness thirty-three million times, and it’s never been an issue with me. I absolutely love my fair skin, I always have. I’ve never self-tanned, I’ve never been on a sunbed, I can’t even catch a tan if I tried. However, what I don’t like is that there is never a foundation or concealer that perfectly matches me. They’re either too dark, too yellow or too pink. You’d think I could wear these white products alone but despite being a corpse, I have a slight tinge of colour to my complexion.

I’m forever mixing products to find my ideal, ghostly shade and these are a few items I love and you need if you’re a porcelain prin.

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Nip+Fab Foundation – Light Mixer | £12.95 | Superdrug |

The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops – Lightening | £10 | The Body Shop |

I don’t do my makeup without using one of these mixers. I absolutely have to use them or the colour is all wrong for me and my face certainly doesn’t match my neck. And there’s nothing that annoys me more than the dreaded makeup mask lines.

Neither the Nip+Fab or TBS alter the consistency of the foundation, and they don’t affect the coverage; they just lighten your foundation to get the shade you wish you could buy in a bottle.

The Light Mixer from Nip+Fab is stark white, whereas TBS Lightening Drops have a slight pink undertone. If you have yellow in your skin, you might want to stay away from The Body Shop drops, but both work great for me.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Nip+Fab come in a squeezy bottle with a fine nozzle, whilst TBS has a dropper. I have gone through three bottles from TBS and every single dropper has been faulty. I even sent some back and received new ones which were defective. If you’re expecting the dropper to work, don’t. I tend to swipe the glass dropper on the back of my hand and mix from there.

The amount of lightening product you need to use depends on how deep your foundation is, and you can add as much or as little as you like. I always start small and add more if necessary.

You definitely need one (or both) of these if you can’t find your perfect match in foundation. They’re both pretty affordable and last ages.

Click here for a full review of Nip+Fab Foundation Mixer and here for The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops. Both Nip+Fab and The Body Shop do darkening drops.

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 Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer – White Out | £20 | Debenhams |

LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer – Highlighter | £5 | Beauty Bay |

I have a few favourite concealers, mainly Urban Decay – Naked Skin, Tarte – Shape Tape and Nars – Soft Matte; they’re all pretty light but they don’t give me that ‘highlighted’ look under the eyes or down the bridge of the nose. They just conceal. The fairest shades that YouTube beauty gurus use to bring light to their face when contouring just match my paleness, or sometimes are too dark LOL.

Again, neither of these products change the texture or coverage of the product if mixing. In fact they both add extra coverage as they are concealing products. They’re both completely white, with zero undertones and can be used alone. I usually swipe my fair (UD, Tarte etc) concealer on my face and add a few dots of the white then go in with a beauty sponge. This combines both products, whilst not completely whiting out the under eye area. I want to achieve the highlighted look but I don’t want to look like I’m wearing Tip-Ex.

KVD Lock-It comes in a twist-up tube with a doe foot applicator, and the LA Girl is a squeeze tube with brush applicator. I’m not really a fan of the brush so tend to pop some on a beauty sponge and apply it that way. I feel like the brush disturbs product underneath and I get a smoother application using a sponge.

LA Girl concealer is lightweight, creamy and doesn’t crease. The Lock-It concealer is heavier, but full-coverage and also really creamy. They’re both easy to blend, pigmented and long-wearing. I set both with powder and don’t find them drying at all. Wear them alone or mix them, it completely depends on the look you’re going for.

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Obviously the price points are very different but both are fab, and you probably don’t need the two. I just got them for scientific purposes, of course. I do prefer the KVD because the coverage is better but if you’re on a budget you won’t be disappointed with LA Girl.

So, if you have fair af skin, these are the beauty products you absolutely need in your makeup collection. Trust me, they’re game changers. My pale peeps got to have that matching face and neck now, come through!

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Have you tried any of these products or plan to pick them up?


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    Yesss Sarah! I'm loving this post I'm so pale so I needed to read this. Think I'm going to buy the LA Girl concealer because thats just something I need in my life now

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