red magazine - The Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin moisturiser - Being Sanctuary Masks

The chill has well and truly set in and although I love being cosy, love A/W fashion and would happily welcome dark days for the foreseeable, I forgot just how much the cold aggravates my bones. But enough about that. This month I couldn’t pick more than three faves; I’ve been using the same products, haven’t tried many new things and didn’t want to force pick five for the sake of my post when there was nothing else I’ve been loving.

The Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin Body Butter | £15 | The Body Shop |

I was sent one of these last year and surprisingly fell instantly in love with the scent. I say surprisingly because I absolutely despise anything with a pumpkin fragrance, but because I’m a huge vanilla fan and they’re a concoction, it worked. It’s not an overwhelming smell but it probably still is a bit of an acquired taste. I highly recommend you go give it a sniff though, and do it quick because they’re limited edition. I made sure to stock up so I didn’t run out like last year. The Body Shop body butters are some of my favourites, they’re so moisturising and I use them daily. As a massive fan of anything with skulls, I love this years packaging! Go get it whilst you can.

red magazine - The Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin moisturiser - Being Sanctuary Masks

Being Sanctuary Pomelo Illuminating Peel-Off Mask | £7 | Boots |

I am such a fan of a peel-off mask as they’re so incredibly satisfying to remove and this one does not disappoint. First off it smells amazing and I kind of love that it’s orange because, hello, it’s almost Halloween! I apply it with a silicone applicator to get an even distribution, and also because it’s more hygienic. It doesn’t go tight or cause any irritation, I can move my face enough to talk (because we all know I never shut up) and can relax for fifteen minutes. When removing the mask, it’s really easy to peel off and doesn’t take ages like some that constantly break up. My skin is left glowing, and I mean, noticeably glowing, it’s softer, refreshed and so much brighter. I love how there’s an instant, visible change in how my skin looks and I totally recommend, especially for the colder months when skin can look dull.

Me wearing both exfoliating and peel-off masks by Being Sanctuary

Being Sanctuary Cloudberry Exfoliating Jam Face Mask | £7 | Boots |

Cloudberry is one of my favourite scents from the Being line and I love that I can get a constant whiff of it when this mask is on my face. Exfoliating masks are ones I always gravitate towards because your girl needs to get rid of that dryness, especially now the cold has set in and is battering my face. This mask was aptly named as it genuinely looks like jam on the face. It’s a lightweight, thin consistency that is cooling, soothing and leaves the skin feeling so soft. After fifteen minutes of wear, you gently rub into the skin for extra exfoliation and then remove. I use a wet flannel to take it off as it wipes off all the exfoliating particles. It doesn’t leave my face dry and desperate for hydration like I have found with some exfoliating masks; it leaves it super soft and smooth. A mask and a scrub in one, can’t go wrong really.

What were you loving in October?


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