When I found out that Manny MUA was collaborating with Ofra Cosmetics, I knew no matter what colour the lipsticks were, I had to have them. If you don’t know who Manny is, I highly suggest you check out his YouTube channel for awesome makeup tutorials and all-round fab beauty videos. Watch the video of him showing off his lippies here. He’s hilarious, has a really infectious personality and I’m pretty sure if he came to the UK we’d be instant best friends. Go subscribe to his channel.

I’ve heard amazing things about Ofra Cosmetics and always wanted to try their liquid lipsticks – as you know, I’m a liquid lippie addict, so when Manny’s trio launched I hopped online and ordered them as soon as they were released. They’re only sold directly from Ofra’s website, which is based in the US and ship directly from there. I’m always cautious when ordering from America as I’ve been stung by customs quite a few times. However, I was really impressed with the shipping, I ordered at 6pm on Monday evening and by the next Monday morning my lipsticks were here. I thought Sephora was quick at shipping, but Ofra is super speedy. I didn’t have any extra charges to pay either, bonus.

Manny released a trio of liquid lipsticks that could be bought together or separately; I obviously had to get all three as the colours are so beautiful I couldn’t decide between them. The lipsticks retail for $19.90 individually, or the set for $50. On top of this, there was a discount of 30%, so using that and including postage, I paid around £35 for three lipsticks that arrived in a week – that’s bloody amazing.

I love the names of the lipsticks and in his video, Manny explains why he picked these particular colours and gave them these names. Aries is a nude peach, that comes off a lot more peach on my arm as I’m really fair. Charmed is probably my favourite as it’s an everyday pinky mauve, and Hypno is a vampy burgundy that is sheer perfection with a smokey eye.

The formula is a fairly thick, creamy consistency that is really easy to apply and covers the lips evenly with a full-on opaque colour. It has a doe-foot applicator, with a gun-metal twist cap – the new packaging Ofra has came out with is really sleek but the silver writing on the tube does slightly rub off and that bothers me a teeny tiny bit.

These wear like an absolute dream, I wore Charmed from 10am until 10pm on Tuesday, I ate twice, had plenty to drink, and sweated my arse off under hot studio lights whilst filming an exciting project for Enhance the UK. It had faded slightly but my lips were still covered and there was no feathering or excessive dryness. I won’t say that these lipsticks are non-drying because they’re matte and they are pretty drying but they don’t suck the moisture out of your lips like some lipsticks can. They also don’t completely dry down to be non-transferable, they have a slight tackiness but that only helps with the longevity.

I’ve worn all three colours on consecutive days and I’m a massive fan. They’re so easy to wear and such gorgeous colours. Hats off to Manny and Ofra for this collaboration, it’s bloody wonderful.

Unfortunately, Aries, Charmed and Hypno are currently out of stock but there is news that they’re bringing them back, there’s just not been a restock date yet. If I hear anything, I’ll keep you updated on Twitter.

My liquid lipstick love affair continues. 


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