I can’t quite believe how fast this has come around. Three more sleeps and I’m off into hospital for my three week in-patient stay for Pain Management. I’m so anxious just writing this. It’s such a good job that I booked a hotel for the night before because I know on Monday morning the last thing I will want to do is to be driving, alone for over an hour.
I’m so scared. What if nobody likes me? What if other patients annoy me? What if I’m too sore/tired/emotional to take part? What if I cry during the psychology sessions? Oh god.
Let’s look at the positives shall we?

  • This is going to help me manage my agonising pain better
  • I’m going to learn relaxation techniques – which this little ball of fury definitely needs
  • I’ll think about things differently
  • My communication skills will improve – I’ll hopefully be able to explain my pain better to my boyfriend and not bite his head off when I really don’t mean to
  • I’ll get stronger with physiotherapy, meaning less pain in the long-run
  • I will learn to pace myself and listen to my body
  • I’ll meet new people
There’s probably many more skills I’ll learn/gain from my time at Stanmore and I need to focus on the good rather than the bad. 
This is going to change my life. Wish me luck.


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