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*Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples

I have wanted to try a laser hair removal product for ages but I never have a spare two-hundred quid lying about to be able to afford it. Then SmoothSkin* got in touch and I was all about giving it a go. I had no experience of using a device like this before so was intrigued to how it would work and whether it was going to hurt; as someone with chronic pain, I wasn’t about to start inflicting myself with pain all for some smooth legs. Albeit, it doesn’t hurt at all. Not one bit.

IPL works by disabling the hair follicle through light energy. The light penetrates the surface below the skin and targets the follicle to prevent regrowth. Due to this, it is important to shave the areas you plan on using the device, instead of plucking or waxing as they remove the follicle completely and then the light has no follicle to target.

Some facts regarding the SmoothSkin Bare*:

  • Ultrafast IPL
  • 100 flashes a minute
  • Whole body can be treated in under ten minutes
  • Stamp and Glide mode – I use Glide on my legs, and Stamp on my face
  • Unlimited amount of flashes
  • Can be used on face and body – legs, underarms and bikini line
  • Weekly treatments required to begin with
  • Compact
  • Gel or creams not required
  • Ergonomic design
I have been using my SmoothSkin Bare every Wednesday night for four months. I then skipped two weeks to see what my regrowth would be like and see if I noticed any difference. I’m a fan of a routine and Wednesday has been my ‘middle of the week, chill day’ for quite a few years. I often shower, have my hair washed, and for sixteen weeks, shave. Then in the evening, I use my IPL device on my legs and face. 
You’d think gliding or stamping a red laser over your body would hurt and I was quite nervous of that to begin with but I don’t feel a thing. It’s not painful, it doesn’t burn, you can’t smell burning hair or anything like that. The only sensation is a slight warmth but that is about it.
I suffer quite badly with my hands and was worried I wouldn’t be able to hold the device for long but it’s a nice size and fits comfortably into the hand. It is also super quick to use, so I’m never having to hold on for too long. My legs are over and done with in a matter of seconds; the only tricky thing is tracing around my leg tattoos as it can’t be used on areas with ink. I have quite a large tattoo on my right leg and as careful as I try to be, I did once get the edge of my tattoo and it felt like an elastic band snapping on it. I definitely wouldn’t recommend it. Granted, not being able to go over my tattoos has given me a really good view on whether the device has worked or not because the hair on my tats is long and thick, and the rest of my legs there’s hardly any. I deliberately didn’t shave or use the SmoothSkin Bare to analyse this, and I’m really impressed.
But I was impressed anyway.
After four weeks, I noticed how sparse and slowly the hair on my legs was growing back. I wasn’t getting those awful, prickly, stubbly bits and my hair was much thinner and hardly noticeable. I usually have smooth legs for a day or two after shaving but after a month of using the IPL device, that completely changed. Then two months it was even less, and so on. 
Now all my legs require is top-ups; I don’t have to shave or use SmoothSkin Bare weekly, I can now use it as and when. And for someone that loathes shaving her legs, that’s a massive bonus. 
SmoothSkin Bare is really simple to use, it only has one button and the device checks your skin before each flash, determining whether it is safe to do so, and only activates if it is. It really is a smart piece of tech! However, it is not suitable for darker skin tones due to it containing more melanin and absorbing more of the light which is required to eliminate the hair follicle. 
If your legs are covered in tattoos, this device is not for you. If you have any cuts or burns, you should not use the device over that area. Other than that, I think you should be good to go. 
I have definitely noticed a massive difference in my hair growth and thickness; there’s hardly any hair on my legs, apart from where my tattoos are. I intend on topping up again this week and going from there but I’m a fan. It has definitely made a huge difference and although the weekly shave was annoying to begin with, the result is most definitely worth it.
Have you tried laser hair removal at home?
*Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples, all my reviews are my honest, unbiased opinion


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