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Friday evening a show I’ve been absolutely gripped by ended. Each week I was left on the edge of my seat with multiple new questions spinning around my head as it involved so many plot twists and turns. 

The Five is a British television crime drama consisting of ten episodes created by bestselling author Harlan Coben. It started on the 15th April on Sky 1, and each Friday aired two hour-long (with adverts) episodes. I could have easily watched the whole series in a day because it was that damn good. 

We’re introduced to Mark, a lawyer who’s younger brother, Jesse went missing twenty years previously. On the day of his disappearance, Jesse was in the woods playing with Mark and his friends, Pru, Slade and Danny. It’s believed that Jesse is dead as a convicted serial killer of children admitted to abducting and murdering Jesse.

However, twenty years on, a murder takes place and Jesse’s DNA is found at the crime scene. Is Jesse alive? Is Jesse a murderer? Was his blood planted there? If so, how, and why? Danny has grown up to be a detective and tells Mark about the recent discovery. Naturally, the whole family have questions and nothing can be ruled out.

Slade runs a hostel for homeless youngsters and whilst doing his own investigation on the whereabouts of Jesse, he tries to help Britnay – a girl from the hostel. He finds out she went through something horrendous with a local wannabe music producer who kidnapped her and eventually made her help him abduct other teenage girls. Slade has his own way of dealing with things that are most definitely outside the law. 

Another murder takes place and once again Jesse’s blood is discovered at the scene. Whilst all this is going on, we constantly flashback to the day of Jesse’s disappearance. We see things from different characters perspectives, and learn secrets about various family members. 

There are so many plot twists, so many questions and so much information given to the viewer that you won’t know if it’s necessary until the very end of the series. The Five is extremely well written, every scene is there for a reason, and each main character is really likeable despite their flaws. In fact, I think it’s their flaws that make it so much better because you can really relate to Mark, Danny, Pru and Slade, even though each of them are very different. The sense of friendship and having each others back is obvious from the beginning, they’re very close because they all lost Jesse on that day, not just Mark. 

I absolutely loved The Five, it’s one of the best series I’ve watched in a long time. Every Friday, I couldn’t wait to get it on the TV and find out what happened. It’s gritty, it’s shot really well and it had me completely hooked. Hats off to Harlan Coben, what a great writer!

I don’t want to go into too much detail or give away the ending because you need to watch it. Hopefully reading this will have convinced you to give it a go. 

If you like crime thrillers, with amazing actors, you have to watch The Five.


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