Bank Holiday weekend was busy. We attended a wedding on Saturday and my friend, Natalie’s birthday party on Sunday.
The wedding was my boyfriend’s cousin, Louise and her now husband Steve. They’ve been together 30 years and married on Louise’s Mum’s 70th Birthday, so it was a double celebration.
The wedding took place in a little village in East Northamptonshire called Wadenhoe, it was adorable and very picturesque. It was a lovely day, the weather stayed nice, the bride looked stunning and her dress gorgeous. 

I had to include a selfie, I loved my make up.
Stila – Venezia liquid lipstick.

My boyfriend hates having his picture taken – oops.

We went home at around 7pm as I was in quite a lot of pain. We left the house at 12, so that was a really long day for my broken body to handle. I took some lovely photographs and despite my shoulder feeling like it might fall into my stomach, it was a good day.

Massive Congratulations to Steve and Louise.

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