Woman in wheelchair smiling and holding hair back whilst wearing Labyrinth tshirt
*Disclaimer: AD. This post contains gifted items from Truffle Shuffle.

I am a massive fan of a T-shirt; slogan tees, band tees, film/tv tees – they’re my jam. They’re easy to wear, can be dressed up or down, and they’re just comfortable. As a wheelchair user, I don’t like clothes that are too constrictive because I don’t move about a lot so want to wear clothing I don’t have to think about.


I have a lot of clothes from the mens section and I much prefer the relaxed fit of T-shirts that are catered for men. They’re not fitted and don’t have little tiny arm holes so it’s always a win. Clothing doesn’t have a gender so wear what you want! 
Anyway, I’m always on the hunt for new tee’s, you can never have too many, and I had no idea Truffle Shuffle sizes went up to a 5XL. They have very limited stock in their biggest size but there are a few options and they’ve assured me that they are trying to improve with their size range. 

Close up of woman sat in wheelchair wearing Wizard of Oz tshirt and cream teddy coat
Let me tell you a story of a very young Sarah, I’m talking aged four. I watched Wizard of Oz so much as a kid that I could act out the whole film, songs and all, and I broke two video’s (yes, video’s), including a VHS player because I couldn’t get enough of it. I was obsessed with it. And still am. It will always be my favourite film. So, of course I had to pick this Wizard of Oz tee
Plus size woman sat in wheelchair wearing brown mini skirt, black tights, Wizard of Oz t-shirt and cream teddy coat

I styled it with a cute black and brown mini skirt, an oversized cream teddy coat, some tights and brown Chelsea boots – I worked off the colours of the Lion on the t-shirt and kept it quite tonal with the print on the tee being the main focus. I guarantee you’ll be seeing me wear this a lot over on Instagram – so make sure you’re following me to check how else I wear it.

Plus size woman in wheelchair user wearing a black leather jacket, Stranger Things t-shirt, red and black animal print skirt, black tights and Vans
Please tell me you’ve watched Stranger Things!? A trailer for the fourth season was released last week and I was buzzing. I love the colours in this Upside Down tee. I paired it with my trusted faux leather jacket, red animal print midi skirt and Vans. It’s a super cool way to keep it casual but with a twist. 

Woman in wheelchair wearing black leather jacket and Stranger Things t-shirt

As well as Wizard of Oz, I was obsessed with Labyrinth as a child (no, not the singer, the bloody epic film with David Bowie). It equally freaked me out and incited awe. I also loved that the lead female character was called Sarah! I remember watching it with my brother and cousins and singing along. I’m pretty sure it was this film that started me on the path of loving things all weird and supernatural.

Woman sat in wheelchair with wooden panels behind her, she is wearing black jeans, Labyrinth t-shirt and white and black shirt

If you’re a fan of the film, you need this in your collection. I paired my beaut Labyrinth tee with black skinny jeans, my fave grungy shirt and trainers. I’d wear this outfit everyday if I got dressed everyday (hello pyjama life) as it’s effortlessly cool and a bit of me. I try to stay true to my grunge life and this outfit works perfectly.

Woman sat in wheelchair looking down at Labyrinth tshirt

Another Labyrinth T-shirt, don’t mind if I do. ‘You Remind me of the Babe’ has been stuck in my head for days now and I used to sing it all the time with one of my old school friends. It’s iconic.

Woman stood next to wheelchair wearing Bowie from Labyrinth tshirt, red and black check trousers, black Dr Marten boots and holding a leather jacket over shoulder
In keeping with my grunge theme, I paired this black ‘You Remind me of the Babe’ tee with some skinny black, white and red trousers, my Doc Martens and a faux leather jacket. This is another outfit I’d happily wear any day of the week. It’s effortless, it’s cool and it’s mostly black – my fave!
Woman sat in wheelchair wearing black leather jacket and tshirt with Bowie from Labyrinth

The main issue I have with T-shirts that have a large print is being able to show it all off sitting down in my wheelchair. They tend to gather at the bottom and it annoys me but can’t be helped.

Plus size woman sat in wheelchair wearing black leather jacket, Labyrinth tshirt, red and black check trousers and Dr Marten boots
I’ve already made a Truffle Shuffle order since these tee’s were gifted to me. The shipping was extremely quick, service was fab and I would definitely recommend. 
I don’t have a favourite out of all the above T-shirts as I love them all, but would love to know which your fave is and how you’d style it.
Let me know in the comments.

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