Who’s feeling festive? This year more than the last few years (here’s why I find Christmas tough), I’m extremely excited; I can’t wait for Christmas. I’m more than in the mood to celebrate and be with family and friends. I want to beat my brother at all the games we play. I want to shower my niece and nephews with presents. I actually even plan on getting up early…I don’t know who I am anymore.

Our house is decorated; granted we only have a mini tree in the living room as we don’t have a lot of room. But we also have an even smaller tree in the bedroom. There’s lights galore and I created a cute washi tape tree design on our feature wall. I’m counting down the days until Christmas every morning when I open my advent calendar. I’m all about Christmas 2017.
I’ve been a wheelchair user for a few years and always thought about adorning my wheels but never really had the urge to actually do it. I genuinely think it’s because I’ve not been in the Christmas mood. It’s different for me this year as I’m going home and we’re having a massive family gathering. I’ll be spending the day with my favourite little dude and I am genuinely so incredibly over the moon.
With my five year old nephew in mind, I thought it’d be amazing to go home with a powerchair that screams Christmas. And thanks to Festive Lights I was able to bedeck my mobility device for the season.

I received three lots of the 2m Black Micro Naked Wire Battery Fairy Lights with 20 warm white LEDs. They are currently on offer for £1.74 a pack. The battery pack requires three AA batteries which will last approximately 30-50 hours. The wire lights are very easy to manipulate and can be wrapped around a tree, a door frame, a wheelchair!

I used my lights to wrap around the main bar at the back of my wheelchair along with some tinsel. I tucked the battery pack behind the top of my cushion and fixed the lights to the chair by twisting the end back on the lights and they stayed in place. The 20 LEDs are extremely bright, I was actually quite shocked (in a good way) by how intense they were as they’re so small and discreet. Due to the lights being made from wire, they’re so easy to work with and I already have ideas on how to use them once Christmas is over.

Festive Lights have a huge array of lights available for every occasion, for indoor and outdoor use, and in every colour and shape imaginable. They’re also really reasonably priced, delivery is fast and the quality is great. I’m so impressed with the choice available, and also really impressed with the lights I have. I don’t think I’ll need any lights for a while but if I did decide (and no doubt I will) to get some more, I’ll definitely be heading straight to Festive Lights. And you should too.

Do you like my decorated wheelchair?
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    No lie, my husband has in the past wrapped tinsel around his walking stick and it looked awesome.

    I love your handle baubles, very cute!

    Mel ✨

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