A few weeks ago Grindstore had a 10% off Back to School sale and I had to take advantage. 

Many of you know that I spent three weeks in hospital recently and during my treatment my Occupational Therapist suggested I use a backpack. I alternate between two crutches and a wheelchair due to my disability and I’m always struggling carrying a conventional handbag. I’ve tried them all, they either slowly fall off my shoulder and get entangled in my crutches or whack into my crutch each time I take a step. I also have a lot of problems carrying a bag on one side as it hurts my back and shoulder. Why hadn’t I considered a backpack before? It was so bloody obvious.

It seems a lot of places are producing backpacks nowadays, I clearly had been out of the loop and didn’t notice. As a lover of all things alternative I headed over to Grindstore’s website to see what backpack’s they had. I fell in love with two.

Vans Graphite Realm Backpack | £34.99 | Link |

How cute is it? I love the design on this bag, it’s pretty big and holds all my random bits I carry around with me when I go out (mainly medication and make up). The straps are padded so it’s really comfortable to carry and as well as the one large zipped compartment, it has another pocket at the front with an insert for pens and phone. 

Cosmic Undead Backpack | £22.99 | Link |

When I saw this on the site, I sent a picture to my boyfriend and he replied with, ‘that is very you’, and it really is. I love anything with skulls so instantly fell in love with the design of this bag, it’s just super cute. It’s slightly smaller than the Vans backpack but still large enough to carry an A4 notepad and ample for school supplies…not that I go to school, but you get my drift. 

Since using my backpacks (not at the same time, obviously), I’ve not dropped my bag or bashed it into my crutches, so that’s a bonus. I’ve even been using one around the house to cart things to and from rooms instead of struggling on my crutches. If you have mobility problems and use walking aids, a backpack is a must. Make sure you use both straps otherwise it’s just pointless. Even if you’re not a Spoonie, backpacks are much better for your posture and spine as you’re distributing the weight of whatever is in your bag equally. Join the backpack life!

Do you use a backpack? What do you think of mine?


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