Last week I wrote about Why Having a Chronic Illness Sucks, so this week I thought I’d put a more positive spin on things and list (yes, I love a list) a few things that aren’t so bad about living with a chronic condition.

  • Made me stronger
    I’m in pain every single day, sometimes to the point where breathing is agony; do you know how much that shapes a person? Each day someone suffering with a chronic illness continues to get on with a life of pain, because we’re incredibly strong.
  • You realise what really matters
    The good days are cherished, and family/friends mean everything.
  • Recognise who your real friends are
    They’ll be there for you no matter what; even if you cancel ten consecutive lunch dates, they’ll still check up on you and do whatever they can to make you smile. I’m looking at you, John.
  • Appreciative of the small things
    When my boyfriend strokes my hair when I’m in agony; a random kind word from a friend; a cuddle.
  • Spoonie friends
    Always there to offer support, friendship and advice. They’re so important because they know exactly what you’re dealing with.
  • Raising awareness
    This is really important to me, I volunteer for the HMSA and am a trustee for Enhance the UK – I do all I can to show support and raise awareness. Please check them out if you haven’t already.
  • You know your body
    You know when something is wrong, when there’s nerve pain, muscle damage, or something else. Although your body is broken, it’s the only one you have, so you get to know everything about it.

I hope this post helps my fellow Spoonies realise that there are some upsides to having a chronic illness, and focusing on the positives can sometimes help.


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    All true. Also all things we need to remember.
    Weirdly enough, the fact that there are positive touchstones as well as all the horrid ones are part of what people who don't live it need to know, too.

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    I'm with you on the hugs when you're having the worst day..really appreciate them! Although my illnesses shape my life, I'm proud to be a fighter and the extra strength comes from the illness which is a positive 🙂
    H x

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