Tiffany & Co, perfume, fragrance
Tiffany & Co. is one of those brands that I’ve always looked at with bright eyes. They’re famous for beautiful jewellery, opulence and that stunning blue shade associated with their packaging and detailing. 

Recently I’ve spied an advert pop up on my TV screen showing off this stunning bottle of perfume by the iconic brand and told myself that I needed to smell it. As a huge perfume lover, I had to give it a go as everything about the bottle and the notes spoke to me. Luckily I received mine complimentary from Debenhams, and am extremely grateful.

Tiffany & Co – EDP* | £52 – £100 | Debenhams |
So, let’s talk packaging. The fragrance is housed in a simple, rectangular ‘Tiffany blue’ box that is opened to reveal the diamond-shaped inspired bottle and lid. There is the signature Tiffany colour hugging the neck of the bottle with the brand name. I like that the bottle is clear because it’s easy to keep track of how much product is remaining. I also love that the bottle is very minimalist but elegant. In my opinion it has a very expensive and luxurious feel to it. The bottle also has some intricate angles that remind me of a crystal and I think that is symbolic of Tiffany and it’s history with jewellery. 
Tiffany & Co, fragrance

Tiffany & Co. EDP smells incredible; with top notes of vert de mandarine, middle note of iris and base notes of patchouli and musk. I lean towards musky scents so I had an inkling this might do it for me. To be completely honest, when I first sprayed it I wasn’t the biggest fan but I never judge a perfume straight away, and after it had sunk into my skin I was sold. The majority of my favourite perfumes I’ve not liked right away, I’m one of those weird people that takes a while to warm to a scent. And this was certainly one of those.

Spraying perfume on arm - fragrance

The signature Tiffany EDP is a floral, feminine fragrance that is sophisticated and classy. The scent lingers on the skin for a long time which is what I would expect from an eau de parfum but it isn’t overpowering. It’s a very subtle perfume, wearable, light, clean and fresh. I’ve worn it everyday for a few weeks so I could really test it out and after ten hours it’s still going strong. It’s perfect for everyday wear as well as special occasions. It’s such a versatile perfume and I’m sure will be loved by many.

Despite the fragrance being delicate and understated, my boyfriend constantly compliments me and says how much he loves the scent on me. So the subtlety isn’t too elusive that nobody else can smell it, it’s just not overwhelming or intense.

I’m obsessed with both the bottle and the fragrance; and it definitely stands out on my vanity table. Tiffany & Co. EDP is beautiful, luxurious and crisp. I highly recommend you head to a counter and smell it immediately. Not only would it make the perfect Christmas present for a loved one, but it would make a lovely gift for yourself.

Have you tried Tiffany & Co. perfume?
*Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples


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