Red and white cockapoo puppy with tongue out

The end of May was Teddy’s Gotcha Day and I, of course am late in doing a pupdate but better late than never, right?

I can’t quite believe we’ve had this beautiful, ginger nugget in our lives for one whole year; I feel like he’s always been with us and I totally couldn’t imagine life without him. He is my child, my furbaby, my true love. I absolutely adore him, and anyone that knows me and Ian personally will tell you that we’re obsessed with him.

He’s such a sweet, happy dog that genuinely hasn’t met a person or doggo that he doesn’t want to be friends with. My brother (who works with dogs) always jokes that Teddy is going to sprain his tail as he’s never seen a dog wag their tail quite as much or as fast as Ted does.

Red and white fluffy cockapoo standing up

Everyone always comments on how handsome he is, how friendly and playful he is; he basically charms everyone he meets and we’re constantly stopped by strangers wherever we go so they can pet him.

And seriously, if I had a quid for every time someone asked his name and when we tell them, their response is either ‘perfect name’ or ‘he looks just like a teddy bear’, or a random kid calling him ‘Waffle’, I’d be rich.

Red and white cockapoo sat on bed with red roses at paws and red bow tie on

Training Teddy has been really easy, he’s a smart boy that picks up things really quickly. He has a great repertoire of tricks and although he still lacks a bit of patience, he’s getting there.

He’s definitely a mummy’s boy though and does not like it when I leave him. If Ian goes, he’s fine, but if I do (which I rarely do, because hello, chronic life) he gets anxious. We think it’s because he thinks he’s looking after me and our dog trainer explained that he knows when I’m flaring and wants to watch over me so when I leave, he worries about me as he can’t take care of me.

Red and white cockapoo puppy

He’s currently lying in bed with me, near my knee as it’s really sore, so he’s keeping it warm and he won’t leave my side until we put him to bed later.

He’s brought so much joy into mine and Ian’s lives, and we bloody love the fluffy little prince.

Year one with Teddy has been awesome! He’s a little sweetheart.

Tell me about your pets.


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