The Shadow Switch has been popping up all over social media lately, and I’ve seen countless blog posts about it so I needed to give it a go to see what all the hype was about. I’m all for jumping on a bandwagon and I have to admit was pretty cynical about this product so had to test it for myself.

Shadow Switch – Dry Brush Make Up Cleaner* | £5.99 | Amazon |

The Shadow Switch is a small tin with a wire-like sponge inside, it gave me scouring pad vibes when I first saw it and I thought it’d destroy my brushes. It claims to remove makeup quickly and effectively eliminating the need to change brushes to use a different colour.

You just press and swirl your brush into the Shadow Switch and rotate in circular motions to remove the powder colour from your brush. You can see the shadow coming off your brush as you move your brush over the sponge.

Why do you need a Shadow Switch?

Ever been trying to perfect your smoky eye and wanted to use the brush you used in black eyeshadow in a lighter colour? Now, I don’t know if you’re anything like me but I certainly wouldn’t be getting up and going into the bathroom to clean my brush and wait for it to dry, only to apply another shade. Ain’t nobody got time for that. This is when the Shadow Switch comes in – you simply use this to remove the shadow, test the brush on the back of your hand to make sure there’s no excess colour, and go in with another shadow. I think of it as a ‘spot cleaner’ for my brushes. It certainly doesn’t replace deep-cleaning; I (try) to do that at least once a week, but between colours, it’s bloody fab. Also, don’t forget to clean your Shadow Switch; it’s obviously going to need it after removing all that powder.

Oh, and trust me, I have plenty of brushes (my boyfriend would probably say too many) for my makeup but there’s some that are better than others, that you want to use with three different colours, that you just prefer; the Shadow Switch allows you to do that without product transferring or cleaning every time you use a different colour. 

As you can see, the Shadow Switch works, and I’ve been using it religiously for a month. I’ve not noticed any damage to my brushes and it’s totally changed the game when slaying a smoky eye.

Tip: Don’t go ham when swirling your brush on the sponge, you don’t need to be rough or move it around like a tornado; if you do, you certainly will damage your tools.

In my opinion, it’s a good product and for £5.99 you can’t grumble at the price. As an eyeshadow fiend, palette hoarder, and all-round eye makeup fan, I’ve found this a great addition to my makeup routine.

Have you tried Beauty Essentials – Shadow Switch?


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