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If the title wasn’t already completely obvious, I have rebranded! Sarah in Wonderland is no more but let me welcome you to From Sarah Lex. You can find me on all platforms @fromsarahlex so make sure you go and give me a little follow if you’re not already.

A rebrand has been on my mind for about nine months, you might say that I held the idea inside me like I was pregnant but I’m not that dramatic (I know my bf will roll his eyes reading that). I’ve been Sarah in Wonderland for almost three years and for the last year the name has really been doing my head in. There’s so many other bloggers ‘in Wonderland’, we’re literally taking over the place. And although I think I have done really well, I chose my title during my ‘omg Victorian literature is my life and I wish I was Alice,’ phase. And quite frankly, I didn’t think I’d still be writing here so the name wasn’t that important to me. But I’m still going and I want something more me, and I don’t want to be lost in the sea (or Mad Hatters table) of other influencers in Wonderland.

After reading Hayley’s post about rebranding from London Beauty Queen to Hayley Hall, I knew I had to bite the bullet and get it done. If Hayley could make such a huge change, I knew little me could too. She’ll probably never read this but I’d still like to thank her for giving me the nudge I needed.

So why, From Sarah Lex? Well, my name is Sarah Alexander but I couldn’t have as there’s apparently an actress who already owns it, cheek of her. I could have gone with From Sarah Alexander but I felt like that was too long-winded so Lex it is. Plus, I’m getting Lex Luther vibes and we all know I love a villain.

I love my new name. I love my new header. I’m very much a fan of myself right now.

Also, have to give a massive shout out to Serena from PrettyWildThings because I’m an absolute nightmare to work with (very bloody picky) and she’s a star. Plus she set up my new domain, redirected, made my header and more. I can’t thank her enough. I’d still be here next year trying to do it all myself.

New chapter, new name.

From Sarah Lex ♥


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