Is there anything more annoying than running out of battery? As most of you know, I spend a lot of time at home (#ChronicLife) so am always next to a plug socket but when I do go out, I despise running low on charge. That’s when Askborg comes in to save the day.

Askborg ChargeCube Lightening* | £9.99 | Amazon |
Askborg ChargeDrive 2 USB* | £7.99 | Amazon |
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The ChargeCube portable powerbank is a small, external charger that can easily fit into your pocket, and as well as powering your devices, has a torch. My boyfriend particularly liked this.
It takes 2.5 hours to fully charge up the ChargeCube and depending on what device you want to power, it gives one or two complete charges. I’ve said charge a lot…
Included in the box is the actual ChargeCube, a manual and a micro USB cable. The USB cable is used to power the ChargeCube from a socket but you must use your own phone charger with USB attachment to give your phone a boost when you’re out and about. I keep a spare iPhone cable in my bag as there’s no point having the external charger without the correct lead.
It’s recommended to charge the ChargeCube every 3 months, and it holds the juice for quite a long time. The battery indicator doubles as a switch for the torch, and I find it really handy to use if it’s dark and can’t see exactly where the cable goes. The torch is also useful if you’re getting home late and can’t find your keys in your bag or the lock in the door – light it up!
The ChargeCube charged my phone quickly, it doesn’t take up much room and is easy to use. If you’re a technophobe or have difficulty with electronics but need your phone at all times, it’s really valuable. And let’s not joke around here, in this day and age, if you don’t have an external charging device, do you even have a phone?

I drive most places and have been meaning to pick up a gadget to charge my phone whilst in the car. The ChargeDrive has two USB ports so both my boyfriend and I can add some power to our phones whilst we’re on the road.

It’s compact, portable, and I leave mine in my glove box. You just need your phone USB cable to be able to use. Since, I always have one in my bag, I’m good to go.

If you’re after some charging gadgets, I highly recommend Askborg. They’re cheap, small and do exactly what you need them to.

You can also receive 15% off by using the code ASKB15PO on Amazon. This is not an affiliate link, I won’t be getting any commission.

Do you use external chargers?


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