My favourite things are makeup and chocolate, in no particular order; so I was more than willing to give Morse Toad a go when they got in touch. 

I decided on ‘Curiouser and Curiouser’ as I’m obsessed with Alice in Wonderland (if you hadn’t noticed). I like how you can personalise the chocolate to say anything you want, and there’s also a range of symbols available for added cuteness, including star, heart, hashtag, question mark, exclamation point, full stop and ampersand. 

Each row consists of 11 chocolates and the price varies depending on how many rows of choccy-goodness you want; 1 row is £11, 2 – £14, 3 – £17, 4 – £19. As well as personalising the chocolate, you can also choose an image to go on the card for an extra £1; I went for the default Morse Toad logo as I was sending them to myself and a selfie would be too narcissistic, even for me. 

Delivery is free on all UK orders and if ordered before 2 pm will be dispatched on the same day. I was emailed shipping updates and my personalised parcel arrived the day after I placed my order. 
I wasn’t home when my Morse Toad delivery came but luckily they’re the perfect size for letterboxes and a nice ‘surprise’ (it wasn’t really a surprise as I knew they were coming) to come home to. They’re extremely well packaged too, with a tough cardboard shipping-box, protecting the box of personalised chocolate inside. 

Now for the good stuff; Morse Toad use smooth Belgian chocolate, with ethically sourced cocoa, and they’re pretty damn delicious. The website says that they’re great to share, but who shares chocolate? I admit I allowed my boyfriend and his friend to have a few but they rest were mine!

Morse Toad is such a good idea, you can send personalised chocolates directly to your recipient (or to yourself, why not?) for whatever occasion. I’m pretty sure anyone that received these would be really grateful; I mean, why send a Happy Birthday card when you can send Happy Birthday chocolates?

Anyone else craving chocolate now?
* Disclaimer: I was sent this item free of charge in exchange for an honest review. I received no payment for this post and all opinions are 100% my own.


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