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Blue Badge Co. bring personality and creativity to the usual, mundane products for disabled people. There’s not a lot of products that are not only functional but also look great in the home, and you will always find something unique at Blue Badge Co. Their new range with Orla Kiely is no different. It is incredibly pretty and I am extremely grateful to have received some items to try out.

A lot of disabled people I chat to often find daily living aids boring looking, clinical and unappealing, but Blue Badge Co. make it their mission to create products that even abled people would want to own; they’re things we want to show off proudly in our homes, statement pieces or items that show off our personality. My first ever Blue Badge Co. product was a parking permit holder that is black and covered in skulls (if you didn’t know my obsession with skulls, we probably need to talk). Previous to that I had very ordinary holders, all one colour with a large disability icon on the front. Functional, yes. Plain and boring, hell yes.
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When you’re disabled and in need of various aids on a daily basis, you don’t want them to be beige, bland and have wheelchair icons plastered all over them and that’s why I think it’s great there is a company who has bridged a gap in the market, made aesthetically pleasing products and actually recognised that disabled people want cute things too.
The new range with Orla Kiely launched this week and oh my days, how awesome is it? The line includes lap trays, parking permit holders, wheat warmers, wash bags, hot water bottle covers and doorstops. There are four patterns which include: Seagrass (pictured above), Linear Stem Tomato, Linear Stem Dandelion and Sweet Pea (pictured below). 
The Seagrass lap tray* has an ecru flower silhouette on a background of olive green and charcoal grey. It is one of the more muted colour schemes and a great addition to any home. I use a lap tray on a daily basis; we live in a small bungalow with absolutely no room for a dining table, so eat our meals from the sofa. Until now I’ve used a really cheap, bright pink tray that I don’t feel safe balancing my drink on and is certainly not sturdy, so this new tray is just what I needed. The base is filled with a generous amount of beans to make the tray extremely stable and sturdy. It balances perfectly and comfortably across my lap when eating and using my laptop. It is not heavy and does not hurt my ridiculously painful knees, so that is a huge bonus. It is also easy to clean and good to look at. I’m a fan!

I have to admit, Sweet Pea* is my favourite out of all the designs, I love the subtle pastel shade with the pop of orange, I think it’s a really universal design and would look great in any home. The doorstop is made from durable fabric and filled with natural wheat grains. The handle means it is really easy to pick up and move about. It is quite heavy but once on the floor, I’ve been moving it around with my foot. During the warmer days we often leave our front door open when we’re at home and put boxes etc in doorways to prevent slamming doors, but they’re not always ideal and definitely not great for health and safety (or rather a very clumsy Sarah). This will be getting a lot of use when it gets hotter; we can definitely say goodbye to the slams, and keep a nice breeze in the house.

The Orla Kiely range brings a fresh, modern take on a retro style that I think looks awesome on disability and lifestyle products from Blue Badge Co. I highly recommend you check them out, you won’t be disappointed.

What do you think of this range?
*Disclaimer: This post is sponsored


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    I love that someone saw the gap in the market for putting fun in functional and helping you to get a little joy out of your aids as well as practicality. The lap tray definitely sounds perfect for comfort and stability xx

    Lyd –

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