I realise I’m extremely late with my October Faves but I went home last week for my nephews birthday, and priorities, ya know!? I also haven’t had a lot of motivation lately what with pain and stuff but I’m here and ready to show off what I was loving last month.

So…? Fragrance Body Mist – Pink Grapefruit* | £3.99 | Boots |
I used to wear these mists religiously as a teenager, these and Impulse, and I loved them. Pretty sure they’re even better now though. The packaging is cute, girly, on-trend, and it’s an easy item to chuck in your bag to freshen up with during the day. I have a few scents but Pink Grapefruit is my true love; it smells like a tropical island, it’s fruity and flirty – you need it. The scent lingers for quite a while and for such an affordable price, I’m impressed.
The Bardou Finishing Mist Hairspray* | £12 | The Bardou |
I either don’t wear hairspray for a year or I spritz it on my locks at least a few times a week. Recently, I’ve been curling my hair quite a lot and using this spray to set the curls, and it’s so good. Not only does it smell like a perfume for my hair, the hold of the product is really strong, not tacky or hard, and it brushes out easily. It’s really long-lasting and I find my waves stay much longer when I use this.
Smith’s Rosebud Salve Tube* | £6.74 | Amazon |
I’m a bit of a weirdo when it comes to lip balms, I’m literally obsessed with them and have them plastered all over my house and inside every bag, but I really prefer ones that come in a tube than a little tin. It annoys me sticking my fingers in the tin, and yeh, I digress. This one from Smith’s is bloody marvellous, I actually think it might reach holy grail status. It’s really moisturising and hydrating, it smells really good and it leaves a non-sticky, glossiness with a slight pink tint to the lips. I just really like the texture and the soothing feeling it gives to my chapped lips. Check it out if you’re a lip balm hoarder like me.
Glossier Cloud Paint – Puff | £15 | Glossier |
Have you seen the Glossier hype the last few weeks? I jumped right on that bandwagon and have made two orders since they started shipping in the UK. If you want to see my first impressions, click here. I’d wanted some Cloud Paints for so long, they just look adorable and I love the name (yes, I’m that ridiculous) so picked up Puff and Beam. I love both shades but Puff is a pink tone that complements my skin tone really nicely. The formula is thin and of a gel-like consistency. It blends effortlessly and is buildable. I really like how it gives a ‘natural’ pink glow to the cheeks as the formula melts into the skin and doesn’t look cakey like some powder blushers can. Definitely add it to your list if you’re considering a Glossier order. And get 10% off with my affiliate code – just click here.
Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Wand* | £35 | Lee Stafford |
Not only is this wand from Lee Stafford incredibly pretty to look at but it is amazing. I’ve used a fair amount of curling wands and none of them are as good as this. I’m a huge Lee Stafford fan as it is but I cannot sing the praises of this product enough. I was able to achieve the most big, beachy waves that lasted four days, FOUR DAYS, and were so easy to create. The barrel is 25mm and I hold it with the tip facing downwards and wrap my hair two to three times around the wand for about 7-10 seconds, then release and spritz with The Bardou hairspray. It’s easy to use, light, heats up quickly (up to 220C) and has a 3 metre cord. I’m a wavy hair fan but I’ve also created glam, bouncy curls with this and they’re just as gorgeous. It’s an incredible hair tool and I highly recommend it if you’re in the market for a new wand.
What were you loving in October?
*Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples


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    I love it when a hairspray has a scent it makes me feel like I have my life together when spraying it lol

    Mel ✨

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