At the end of September I began fundraising for a new powerchair as mine was causing more harm than good, and I’ve finally taken (or rather Ian did) some pics to show you all exactly what my new machine can do. So, yeah, this is going to be a very photo-heavy post.

I got the Invacare TDX SP2 NB in Transparent Purple; I added the electric recline, electric tilt and elevated legs, along with a LiNX joystick, swing-away bracket and headrest. You’re probably reading that like, ‘yeah, sound, Sarah, what does that mean?’ Basically, the seat tilts to adjust my position, therefore distributing weight to a different part of my body and helping with pain. The legs elevate manually so I can put my legs up if I’m feeling a PoTS attack come/having one, or I’m in pain and need my legs up; it’ll also help with swelling. The joystick and swing-away is really simple to use and means when I’m in my wheelchair at a restaurant, I can sit close to the table and move my joystick out of the way. Headrest and recline are pretty self-explanatory really…

I’ve had my chair for almost a month and already been on plenty of outings; including a train journey, lots of shopping and a trip to the woods. Yes, this bad boy takes on uneven terrain like a pro. It’s really comfortable and drives like a dream. I couldn’t be happier.

What do you think? Pretty awesome, right? Again, I can’t thank you all enough for donating and helping me get this amazing powerchair. Many more adventures to come, that’s for sure.


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    I couldn't believe how quickly the money was raised! I'm still so happy that this is making a difference to you after the last chair ended up being such a disappointment. x

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    How are you getting on with the chair now Sarah? I had to return mine. Poor suspension – felt every bump and it stuck in tilt mode once.
    Also broke down once

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    Not had any problems, I love it. I actually think the suspension is fantastic. My tilt function had a programmable error which has been fixed, an Invacare rep came to my house to sort it

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