I haven’t written a post in a few weeks because a lot of my time has been completely consumed by our adorable new addition; Teddy.

Teddy is a 10 week old, F1 red and white Cockapoo. He’s currently pretty small, weighing only 2.4kg and a bundle of joy. It took a whole three seconds for my boyfriend and I to fall head over in heels in love with our little nugget (he totally looks like fried chicken) and he’s quickly become our favourite thing. In fact, I think my boyfriend prefers Teddy to me.

Ted was born 5th April 2018, he was one of five boys and three girls. We met the whole litter when they were five weeks old and Teddy picked us, and I’m so glad he did. He’s a very calm, confident little dude that loves to play and have cuddles. He’s also got a very cheeky, mischievous side but is very easily distracted by his toys. We’ve only had him for two weeks but he’s already made a huge impact on mine and Ian’s mental health and we’re both loads happier.

He’s settled in really well, enjoys lying on our feet and is master of the side-eye. He’s also picking up commands quickly and knew his name within a few days. He’s so friendly and lovable, everything I’m not haha.

Look how photogenic he is! The pup is a bloody model. He’s obviously got his own Instagram account and I am forever updating it with new pics of the nugget, so go give that a follow if you want to see more of him.

We’ve called it Teddy B because my brother nicknamed him, short for Teddy bear, which is super cute and very fitting.

Everyone that has met Teddy falls in love with him; I mean, how could you not? Just look at him. I’m sure my blog (like my social media accounts) will be full of doggo related stuff, so stayed tuned for more Cockapoo cuteness.

Teddy B is a babe.


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    Okay do I'll be round to meet him tomorrow?! So, so pleased for all of you, he has such a wonderful home and the three of you will be really happy together xx

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