OPI nail polish, makeup case and eye masks

*Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples

I can’t go anywhere without a big bag of medication. A few months ago, I set out to travel the three hour journey up north to visit my family and I was convinced everything was packed, until half an hour into the drive something twigged in my mind and I realised I’d not packed my pill box. I called my boyfriend who was still at home and he confirmed that it was on my dressing table. I don’t know how or why I forgot it as it’s the most important thing, (I went back to get it, obviously) but I had enough makeup with me to paint thirty people for a year; so at least I had one of the other most important things with me.

Since then I make sure my medication is the first thing I pack. But then again, I don’t tend to pack my own bags, Ian does it for me. However that time when I forgot them, I tried to do it on my own, hence the mess-up.

Travelling when chronically ill is a challenge; travelling when not chronically ill is a challenge, but when you factor in pain, fatigue, brain fog, dizziness, nausea and all the other fun things that come when you have a chronic illness (or ten) it can be extremely stressful.

World Duty Free sent me a few products to pack in carry-on luggage, in your backpack, handbag, whatever bag you’ll always have with you, as well as your medication, as they’re what you’re going to need to hand. If you have a chronic illness and are a beauty lover (hello, my name is Sarah, let’s be friends), then carry on reading.

Side note: Can we talk about how cute my tablet shaped highlighters are? They’re from eBay, no idea how I found them.

OPI nail polish, makeup case and eye masks
The Clarins Travel Exclusive Make Up Palette* is a great ‘all in one’ kit. It includes a mini mascara, mini lip oil, six eyeshadows, a powder, blush, two applicators and a mirror, all contained in a sturdy but perfectly sized zip-locked vanity case. It won’t take up too much space in your bag and is great for top-ups during the day/night. The shadow colours are definitely the type of shades I gravitate towards, purple, cool tones are my jam, and the blush is such a natural soft pink that looks beautiful on the skin, especially if you’ve got a tan…not that I know what that’s like.
When it’s hot, as a wheelchair user, I either wear no shoes or sandals, so my nail situation has to be on point. I’m unable to paint my own fingernails (I get them done every three weeks at a local salon) but I have a huge selection of nail polishes for my toes and I absolutely love OPI. I also love changing up my toenail polish during the warmer weather, and the Best Crew Aboard Set* has my favourite kind of shades. From a subtle nude pink (Bubblebath), to the staple bubble gum pink (Dulce De Leche) to a candy apple red (Big Apple Red) then a blood red (Malaga Wine) and finally a blackened berry (Lincoln Park After Dark). The set also includes a Rapidry top coat which is pretty essential if you’re in a rush, or like me, have zero patience. 
No matter where I go, if my toes are out, I end up chipping my varnish so it’s always handy to have a mini bottle on hand for top-ups. I just have to train my boyfriend to actually paint my nails and not my skin, but we’re getting there.
OPI nail polish, makeup case and eye masks

Finally, WDF recommended the Elemis Pro-Collagen Eye Trio*. Now my eyes need help on the daily because the suitcases under them are pretty ridiculous but this set would be perfect if you’re on a long-haul flight and the delicate eye area gets desperate for some hydration. The set contains a advanced eye treatment, eye renewal and hydra-gel eye mask. I can’t see an eye mask and not put it on immediately (I have no restraint), so as soon as I photographed this lot, I whacked that baby on. After twenty minutes I removed it and my under-eyes felt really moisturised; I can imagine after a long day of travelling it would be a treat to lie in bed, relaxing with the mask on. The set claims to smooth fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area whilst adding moisture but not overloading it.

Another thing I wanted to add to this is the Tangle Teezer from my last post with WDF. It’s compact, the teeth won’t be destroyed in your bag and it’s great for on-the-go. You can check out that post here.

What other beauty products are essential if you’re chronically ill?
*Disclaimer: These products were gifted for review. All opinions are my own and are unbiased.


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    I'm loving the look of all of these products and they're all so perfect for travelling! The nail polish shades are gorgeous and the Clarins all in one looks so good, especially that blush shade and I love purple shadows too.

    Ellie x


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