I don’t think I have ever had a monthly favourites that was solely dedicated to one brand, until now. I bought a whole bunch of Becca Cosmetics and used them for the majority of March; not only did I love them but thought it only fitting that they takeover my faves.

I’m very vocal about my love of highlighters, your girl likes to glow, and I’ve always been a huge fan of Becca. Moonstone and Pearl will forever have a place on my cheekbones.

Cult Beauty had a 20% off discount on Becca Cosmetics and since the brand is pretty expensive, I decided I wasn’t going to miss that bargain. I picked up a liquid priming filter that I have had my eye on for ages and because I spent over a certain amount, I got another one for free.

The First Light Priming Filter (purple packaging) claims to ‘scatter light which helps to filter and diffuse the visibility of imperfections on facial skin.’ It’s said to brighten uneven skin tone and hydrate the skin using Cool Light Technology. Now, I don’t know the tech behind it but this stuff makes me look like I have actually had a decent nights sleep. It doesn’t get rid of the eye bags, because nothing does when they’re as gigantic as mine but it colour corrects slight discolouration. What I notice most of all is how glowing I am, if I’m having a great skin day (lol, once in a blue moon) I would happily wear this without foundation as the luminosity is just beautiful. It’s suitable for all skin types and I don’t find that any products I put on top of it go cakey or break down. I am not particularly oily so wouldn’t know how someone with oily skin would get on with this as it certainly doesn’t mattify.

The Backlight Priming Filter does something similar to the above but also gives a soft-focused appearance to the face. Makeup lays on top of both primers effortlessly and the radiance peeks through the foundation giving a natural glow to the skin. Do they make my makeup last longer? To be perfectly honest, I don’t really know, I never time myself but they make a great starting canvas and I notice when I haven’t applied them so they must be doing something right. I love both and am glad I managed to get my hands on them. You can get travel size versions, like I have, to give them a go before splashing out on the full-size.

Vanilla Quartz is my new bae; it’s a very light gold with a tinge of pink, powder highlighter. The formula is creamy, it applies to the face easily and leaves a sheen that can be subtle or built up so the astronauts up in space can see you. I don’t find the Shimmering Skin Perfectors glittery, and they don’t smudge or get cakey. As soon as the light catches the face, the radiance is noticeable and if you love a luxury glow, you need to check these out. They’re a dream, and there’s some great shades for the pale gals.

I also picked up a Light Chaser Highlighter for Face and Eye in Champagne Dream flashes Bellini. It’s pretty much the same as the Shimmering Skin Perfectors but the light chasers are a transformative formula as they can be different colours depending on the angle. Champagne Dream flashes Bellini is a soft peach with a rose gold shift that is stunning on both the eyelid and cheekbones. When worn on the cheeks, I have to be careful to use a very light hand as I’m so fair and it can look like a stripe down my face, but on the lids, it’s stunning. The shift in colour is really noticeable and I don’t have any problems with it staying in place. I often wear it on the inner corner of my eyes as I love how it opens my eyes up. There’s six colours to choose from and they’re all really pretty, definitely check them out.

Have you tried Becca Cosmetics highlighters?


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