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I love Lee Stafford. Like, I think I might actually be in love with him. He’s a wizard with hair, and a genius with products, I can’t get enough. I’ve used Lee Stafford (his products, not the man) for years and always repurchase, am always impressed and will continue to give the brand the hype it well and truly deserves.

I’m struggling more than usual with my hands and without boring you with health stuff, because lets face it, we’re here for the beauty; I’ve not been doing much to my hair. However, my boyfriend is my live-in stylist and as well as washing and conditioning my locks, he’s turned his hand to styling it. Not sure what I did to deserve such a patient guy. So, despite not physically doing my hair, I’ve still been using product (or rather Ian has…on my hair, not his), and I thought I’d give you a little low-down on some of my current faves.

Bigger Fatter Fuller Plumping Cream* | £7.99 | Boots |

I’m always complaining about volume and body with my hair. Mine is thick, long and heavy so anything that gives it a bit of oomph is always good in my books. Use a small amount of this plumping cream, work it into the roots and mid-lengths when the hair is wet and it gives a noticeable lift once blow-dried. It doesn’t leave the hair tacky or crunchy like some mousses do. It’s weightless and doesn’t affect the texture of your hair. It smells really good too, but all Lee Stafford products do.

Bigger Fatter Fuller, hair, hair care, Lee Stafford, hairdresser

Bigger Fatter Fuller Shampoo* | £6.99 | Boots |
Bigger Fatter Fuller Conditioner* | £6.99 | Boots |

I have been using these products together for about six weeks and noticed a massive difference with the volume it gave my hair. I deliberately used these for a few weeks before adding the plumping cream to see which worked best or at all. The shampoo and conditioner add body, clean the hair thoroughly and leave it feeling silky smooth. I also really love the CoCo LoCo shampoo and conditioner and you can read a full review of those here.

Sea Salt Styling Mist*| £9.99 | Boots |
Sea salt sprays are my go-to product, especially when I want to achieve beachy waves. I’ve tried the famous Bumble and Bumble one but it’s far too expensive and I much prefer this. It tames flyaway hairs, adds texture and conditioners the hair as well as lightly holding a style. It can be used on wet or dry hair, and I mostly use it on dry hair to add texture. You can read a full review of the Sea Salt collection here.
Lee Stafford, hair, hair review, hair products, hairdresser

Chopstick Styler Curling Wand* | £19.99 | Lee Stafford |
I love having curly or wavy hair, the bigger and bouncier the better, so when I received this extra tiny barrelled wand, I couldn’t wait to give it a go. It gives corkscrew, tight curls that stay in place for days. The effect is gorgeous, it’s so impactful and it’s really easy to use. The wand heats up quick with a maximum temperature of 200C. Styling hair with this and using the above three products work amazingly together; all the volume and all the curls.

Air (or blow) Dry Cream Lite* | £7.99 | Boots |

Air drying is a chronically ill persons best friend; ain’t got the time or energy to blow dry my hair. But I also hate the frizz that comes along with letting my hair dry naturally. It’s an extremely lightweight cream that shapes and moisturises the hair. It doesn’t completely eliminate the frizz but it certainly makes a difference that is vast enough to make me keep reaching for it.

Bigger Fatter Fuller, hair, hair care, Lee Stafford, hairdresser

Today tried the Rainbow Shine Wand* (not pictured) and I bloody love it. It’ll be on the blog very soon but spoiler alert – it’s incredible. I have gorgeous, beachy waves that have lasted all day. I definitely feel like I have princess vibes going on right now.

Have you tried any Lee Stafford products?
*Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples


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    I can't get enough of these photos Sarah you smashed it out the park with these!! I bloody love Lee Stafford too, I need to try the Air Dry as my hair is a bugger to blow dry too and definitely need something to tame it! fab post loved reading it xox

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