My little dude is a complete chatterbox and since my previous #LittleManLife post, he’s said a lot of hilarious things. I chat to him regularly over the phone and on FaceTime and he always makes my days brighter, even if he will sometimes only talk for a few seconds. He’s 4, he’s hella busy, I get it.

KP – For tea Sarah can have chicken nuggets and raspberries.
Me – I love your haircut
KP – They cut this side a bit different to this side
Me – It looks the same
KP – No it not 
Mum – Kaine, tell Sarah you were a giant yesterday
KP – Nan, my wasn’t, my was lying about that
KP – Well, Sarah, you not get big and strong now
Me – I’m full up
KP – Two more bites 
Bro – What do we do when we get to the road?
KP – Cross it
Bro – NO, we stop and check for cars
Me – How’s your yoghurt?
KP – What on earth are you talking about?
Me – What’s my full name?
KP – Sarah Peter Ham
KP – My love small dogs and big dogs and German Shepherds
*FaceTime with Mum
KP – Nan, can you buy me an ice cream please?
Mum – Not right now, you’re in the bath
Me – KP, did you ask grandad if he’s paying to take me on a cruise
KP – Oh, my forgot, my get right on it
Me – What did you get from Smyths?
KP – Cars and more cars
Me – Shocker
Me – I’m just having some milky buttons
KP – Aww but my very hungry now actually
KP – Sarah my got my adventure shoes on. My can do anything; jumping, climbing, cartwheels, go upside down
KP – Sarah, my just got twelve more things to tell you
Me – I like your hoody
KP – My can carry things around in it and take it home. Like my head
KP – Nan, you be a dinner lady at my school when you big
Me – Look at you, you little cutie pie
KP – My not a pie, my not even hungry
KP – My just drinking water as water is very powerful
Me – What’d you get up to camping?
KP – Twenty quarter past
Me – No, not what time did you wake up, what did you do?
KP – Had a wee
Me – Is that it?
KP – My had a poo too
KP – My see a unicorn when camping. It was yellow and the shape of a duck on a sailing boat
KP – My just need twenty-hundred-thousand-fourteen more ‘gredients
KP – My sent YouTube on the telly
Me – Wow, how did you do that?
KP – Magic. Mind magic
Me – That’s amazing
KP – My got superpowers, Sarah
KP – Nanny, what’re them big balls?
Mum – They’re scotch eggs
KP – No, they big balls. Do you like big balls, Nanny?
KP – Sarah, we go on Snap-shat?
KP – Night night, sleep bright
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    Utterly priceless and so perfect that you've got them written and recorded. Absolutely love the adventure shoes. This little dude has a wonderful imagination.

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