Hey, guess what?

First off let me apologise for not posting on Friday, I don’t like missing/changing schedule as I’m a stickler for a routine, but I’ve had a completely justifiable reason. A week ago, Ian and I got the keys to our new house and we’ve been so busy getting things ready so we could move in as soon as possible. 
In June, last year, Ian and I moved in with his dad, and since then we’ve been looking for our own home. And we finally have one. We have a cute, one bedroom bungalow in an adorable village, five minutes from Ian’s family. I absolutely love it, it’s exactly what we wanted and has a tonne of adaptions that’ll aid me in daily life, built-in. It couldn’t be more perfect.
We’re both really happy and excited…but Ian hates me calling our house ‘the bung’ *evil laugh*
Expect homeware posts very soon!


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