This heatwave has meant I’ve worn little or no makeup for weeks; I tried, it slipped off my face, I felt rank and I wasn’t about the sweaty, wicked witch of the west, melting look. Therefore this is the first time in three years that my monthly favourites has included less than five products. I’ve not wanted to try anything; I’ve not wanted to move away from my fan, to be honest.

However, like May, I’ve been using a few different hair products that I’ve enjoyed and thought I’d share them. They’re all from the same brand and I bought them myself after seeing them all over Instagram.

Umberto Giannini Mess Up Dry Texturising Spray | £7 | Boots |

Having long, thick hair is all well and good but I like messy, voluminous hair with a lot of texture and that is pretty hard to achieve with the amount of hair I have. However, I really like this texturising spray as it adds enough grit to the hair to give it definition and doesn’t leave any sticky, crunchy or white residue like you can get from other texturising products.. I use it every time I go out to give some movement and bounce to my locks; and as I can’t wear my hair up due to migraines, I love the oomph it adds. It can be used on fresh or next day hair and multiple times. You only need a small amount of product and it can be applied all over the hair; I spray it at the roots and then the ends of my hair as I have choppy layers that I like to mess up. It holds really well, it’s heavy and is humidity resistant; what is exactly what you need in this weather.

Umberto Giannini Shower in a Bottle Magic Foam Volume Cleanser | £7 | Boots |

I have to admit that I bought this product thinking it would be a dry shampoo, that it would soak up my oils and give me the results my babe, Bastiste dry shampoo does, but it’s not the same, or at least it isn’t for me. The foam is literally a hair wash in a bottle, it’s used on dry hair, and it makes the hair wet. I was shocked at first how wet it made my hair but it quickly dried and left my roots feeling cleaner. I especially like using it on my fringe as that consistently gets greasier more often than the rest of my hair. The foam dissolves and removes any products whilst adding volume, shine and a gorgeous scent of jasmine and rose. It doesn’t replace my dry shampoo and I don’t think it ever will but if they don’t work for you, definitely consider giving this a go.

Umberto Giannini Milk | £7 | Boots |

After every shampoo, I use this serum to keep the frizz at bay. I often let my hair air-dry and when that happens, the frizz is out of control, I pretty much look like one of those cartoons that has been electrocuted. However, since using Milk, it’s helped keep my hair smooth whilst being heat and humidity proof. It’s so good for controlling unruly hair and keeping my baby hairs having a mind of their own.


As if I wasn’t going to include my pupper in my monthly favourites! He’s been living with us for almost six weeks and I am completely in love. He’s such a sweetheart, he’s learning really quickly and he charms pretty much everyone he meets. He’s a bloody diamond doggo.

What were you loving in June?


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