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If you’ve not seen the hype around Glossier this week, have you even been on Twitter? Glossier launched in the UK on Monday and after a whole three minutes deliberation I decided to make an order. I mean, I tried the whole will-power thing and it just doesn’t work for me, but look at their products, can you blame me?

Glossier is a brand founded in New York by Emily Weiss from Into the Gloss. It was a huge hit in the US and expanded into Canada earlier this year, and now the UK *happy dance* 
I already knew what I planned on ordering weeks ago and am glad to finally have the products in my painful (chronic illness life), beautifully manicured hands. The four items I ordered arrived earlier today and I quickly snapped a few photos and applied them to my face before going to get my nails done. I wore everything for approximately seven hours and am very impressed.
glossier - makeup - beauty - cosmetics

I picked up the Priming Moisturiser (£18), Haloscope in Moonstone (£18) and Cloud Paint Duo in Puff and Beam (£25). The items arrived perfectly packaged in a brown cardboard box which when opened was pink on the inside and stated, ‘You Look Good’ on the inner lid. My four newbie items were then wrapped in a pink zip-lock, bubblewrap bag, alongside some samples and stickers. Yes, you get stickers! Beauty and stationery – my true loves.

The Cloud Paints have been on my radar for ages and I have a feeling I’m going to end up owning all four shades. Today I wore Beam, a light peach. The consistency of the product is gel-like and quite thin. I squeezed the smallest amount onto the back of my hand, blended it slightly and applied dots to my cheeks, so not to add too much colour. It blended effortlessly into my cheeks, melting into my skin and giving a really pretty, radiant glow. I then began to add more to see how buildable the product was and it layered very nicely and the pigment intensified. I love how natural it looked and it wore really well throughout the day. I’ll no doubt be wearing Puff tomorrow.

glossier - makeup - beauty - cosmetics

My skin is doing pretty well at the moment, I’ve actually never been more happy with it but I do still get slight dryness around my nose. I used the Priming Moisturiser under the Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation and liked how it felt. It gave me a smooth, hydrated canvas to work on and I feel like it’ll be great for this time of year. It sunk into the skin quickly, didn’t leave any residue and I could barely feel it on my face. I can’t speak for the benefits of it or whether it reduced pores or soothed redness like it claimed because I was in far too much of a rush to get out of the door but I’m sure I’ll keep you updated. First impressions are definitely good though.

As for the Haloscope Face Highlighter stick, I am absolutely, head over heels in love. I’m quite partial to a highlight anyway and this is bloody beautiful. I’ve only tried one stick highlighter previously and hated it as it dragged on my skin, was difficult to blend out and I felt like I had stripes on my cheeks; but this doesn’t do any of that. It is so smooth to apply, it’s pretty much like butter, it blends out easily and there’s no glowing stripes in sight. It gives that ‘natural (how natural can you look with shiny skin?), glowing from within’ look, and my initial thought was that it would be perfect for a bride. But ya girl isn’t the marrying kind so I’ma wear this around my house in my pjs and rock that shit.

Anyway, I digress; there’s no glitter, which I’m glad about because I’m not about that life, it’s just a sheen which almost looks wet, that can be built upon if you fancy being seen from space. I went for Moonstone because I’m practically a ghost and it really shone on my corpse-like skin. It’s described as an opalescent glaze and I’d have to agree. Absolutely love it, definitely my favourite thing out of my little haul.

glossier - makeup - beauty - cosmetics

All in all, I’m very happy with what I bought from Glossier. The packaging is minimalist and adorable. The delivery was really fast, and although I’ve only tried them all once, I’m more than a little bit in love. I’m sure if any of that changes I will let you know but for now, I’m a fan.

If you fancy getting 10% off your first Glossier order, click here (affiliate link).

Have you tried anything from Glossier?


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    You've made me need the Cloud Paints even more!! The colours are gorgeous, I've heard such good things about these! I've been trying out the boy brow and I think it's the best thing I've ever applied to my brows!

    Taylor Jane ox |

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    I've seen a few negative reviews of the glossier products so I've been put off making an order but now I feel like I need to. I really want the moisturising primer, cloud paints, that highlighter and the birthday balm.
    Tempted to make an order soon
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise

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