Do you ever have those memories that are so clear you can almost see them in your mind as if you’re an outsider looking in? As if they happened yesterday? This is how I remember my first experience with alcohol.

I’m 30 now and haven’t had a bevvy in almost five years. Mostly because it interferes with my medication but also because I’m not really a fan of the taste. I was very much a cocktail girl when I used to go out for a drink and they can get very expensive very quickly.

Anyway, let’s rewind the clock fifteen(ish) years. It was a weekend and I’d gone over to a friends house to hang out. We didn’t have any plans; we regularly used to chill, go for walks, go shopping or whatever. But this weekend was different.

I’d arrived at her house early afternoon and we waited for our other mate to show up. When she did we all decided today was the day we were going to get pissed. I have no idea why this was the day but it was. I don’t think it was either of my friends first time drinking but it was definitely mine.

I was a good kid; I never had detention, I never got in trouble, and I was rarely told off. So, this was a big deal for me. I felt like a rebel. I knew my mum would be mad at me but I didn’t really care because this was cool, right?

My friends parents had various bottles of liquor in their garage and we needed to strategically swipe something and get it past her mum. We all went into the kitchen and whilst I distracted her mum, my friend went into the garage for something and emerged minutes later ready to go.

The three of us knew she’d pinched something for us to get sozzled on, and we left the house as quick as possible. As soon as we were safe out of the street and heading towards…you guessed it, the park, she pulled the bottle out from her jacket and presented us with Peach Schnapps.

Yes, Peach-bloody-Schnapps.

I remember feeling really naughty. Like I said, I was a kid that never got into trouble so this was a big thing for me.

As soon as we got to the park the bottle was opened and we had a drink before passing it on. I grabbed the bottle and took a massive gulp, and it was fucking disgusting. It’s safe to say I didn’t down anymore mouthfuls but had sips whenever it was my turn.

We finished the bottle quickly. My head hurt, I could feel my face burning and I didn’t feel great. Then my phone began to ring and it was my mum. She said she’d be there in fifteen minutes to pick me up as we needed to go out. I immediately began to panic. Did she know I’d been drinking at 3 in the afternoon? Was she going to kick off? How could I get out of this one?

I was so obviously drunk. She’d see it. I knew it. My friends knew it.

We went back to my friends house and I waited at the door for my mums car to pull up. When it did I walked, no, I staggered to her car. I knew she’d seen me. I knew she was going to question me. I got in the car and received a text from my friend watching me from the window wishing me luck and telling me I should try walking in a straight line. Helpful.

My mum asked me if I’d had fun, said I didn’t look well and that was it. I waited for her to call me out on it over the next few hours but it never came. She didn’t know. She had no bloody clue. I felt like I’d got away with murder and didn’t want to risk that ever again.

My mum knows this story so it won’t be news to her. Also it was fifteen years ago, and I’m thirty years old so she can hardly ground me.

What was your first experience with alcohol like?


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    I honestly can't remember my first drink, I guess that's what happens when it was at home with your parents. I do remember my first party though, the police had to be called and it was shut down. I also drank vodka cruisers which I absolutely hate as they are so sweet, but free alcohol is free alcohol.

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    Ahahahah Sarah you're such a rebel. I feel like growing up in the middle of nowhere in Wales is a completely different experience. I got drunk on strongbow in a pub at 15 with all my mates and my parents and their mates. We also had a billion house parties whilst underage and our parents always knew as they were the ones buying the drinks haha
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise

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    This was such a funny story! It was really nostalgic too as it reminds me of my teens. It's always in the park, isn't it!? XD I was maybe 13 when I tried alcohol for the first time. I was at my friends house for a birthday party and one of her friends randomly had a big bottle of WKD so we sneaked off somewhere nearby to try it. Good old WKD! We all thought we were super cool haha x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

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