beach at St Andrews

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I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost six years (I know, he’s a lucky guy) and we’ve never been on holiday together. We’ve had a few days in London but I was having tests at hospital and we’ve spent many a night in a hotel as we had a long-distance relationship for a while but we’ve never had what you’d class as a proper holiday…that was until the beginning of March when we spent a week in Fife, Scotland.

Neither of us had ever been to Scotland before. I have family there and my Nan used to go often when I was younger and she was able. She’d go on one of those coach trips with her best friend and they’d always come home absolutely buzzing and insisting I visit.
It was on my list. I planned on going at some point so I’m glad I’ve finally got to tick that off my list and I can confirm that I definitely will be returning.
I fell in love with Fife. I fell in love with the landscapes. I fell in love with the scenery. I fell in love with the people.
Crail harbour
It is such a stunning part of the country; even when I wasn’t getting out of my car there was eye-catching and breath-taking views. I enjoyed driving around and taking everything in just as much as getting out and exploring.
Being in Fife made me think of my Nan, she was always (and still is) a massive influence in my life; she was a second mum and she adored Scotland. I think it was on our fifth day; I was driving and suddenly burst into tears. I thought of her, I remembered her enthusiasm for this beautiful country and I realised that I’d never be able to tell her that I went and how I understood why she loved it so much. I’d never be able to find out where she went or have her recommend places to me, and it hit me hard. Ian consoled me and I focused on how happy she’d be that I finally got to visit somewhere she adored and made a lot of memories.
Landscape in Crail
The next few posts will be all about our trip with details on accessible accommodation, accessible days out and dog friendly places, so stay tuned.
Have you ever been to Fife?
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