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Have you ever wondered who these people are that talk about getting a decent nights sleep? I’ve never been able to relate. Sleeping for me has always been a problem, even as a child. My chronic pain seems to intensify as soon as I get snuggled up in bed and as much as I love being all cosy, I can’t always relax and hardly ever wake up feeling well-rested.

That was until the Leesa* mattress was rolled out of it’s box (yes, a mattress came in a box, a tall one, might I add) and onto my divan base. Not only did it look modern and aesthetically pleasing, but it felt like amazing quality and I couldn’t wait for bedtime.

In no way am I saying that my sleep has improved massively or I have no problems at bedtime (if a mattress could cure chronic pain/fatigue that would definitely be a miracle) but a decent mattress makes a massive difference in comfort levels. It also means I don’t wake up with stiff joints that desperately need oiling like the Tin Man. 
That’s because the pressure relieving memory foam contours to the body and you almost sink into the bed. It hugs every part of your body giving it the support it needs. And for someone like me, who deals with widespread pain, it’s absolutely glorious. It also has a dense core support at the base which gives the mattress it’s firmness, strength and durability. One of the main things I love about the Leesa mattress is it is not one of those memory foam products that hold it’s shape, it doesn’t bevel or dip to the contours of your body and stay that way; it bounces back, so when you move from your back to your side, the mattress contours to your hip and shoulder etc. I’ve had memory foam mattresses in the past that hold their shape for too long and become really uncomfortable, but this doesn’t do that.

Both my boyfriend and I expected our first night on the Leesa mattress to be dreadful. We’d stayed in hotels and had enough new mattresses to know that it can take our backs a while to adjust to a new bed. And for me, I expected to suffer for at least a week. When Ian put the mattress on the bed, we joked about how tomorrow we’d both be in agony. Little did we know that that wouldn’t be the case.

We both slept soundly, sweetly, like babies, except without the night feeds and screaming the house down. The next morning my back wasn’t hurting at all, I hadn’t pulled any muscles, I wasn’t suffering. And neither was he. We both felt fine. We felt refreshed. We thought it was a fluke. But after over a month of trialling our beaut, new mattress, we’ve had zero issues.

Obviously, my daily pain hasn’t disappeared because a bed can’t fix a connective tissue disorder (and all those other fun conditions I have) but I’ve had no extra pain, like I have with any other bed, so that’s awesome. And shocking. Honestly, I’m still surprised at how good it is.

Another thing I’ve noticed sharing a bed is that I have no idea when my boyfriend is moving about on our Leesa Sleep; it’s so smooth and there’s zero shift or noise when either of us start fidgeting. I don’t even hear him getting in or out of the bed.

Something completely unrelated to sleeping is how comfortable I find sitting on my bed. I do a lot of writing in bed and due to my condition, a lot of time just in bed. My weight is distributed evenly, and if I’m favouring one side (my right hip often gives me a lot of shit) I can lean and the mattress move with me whilst still supporting my other side effectively.

It’s so soft, incredibly supportive, and my crappy bones are very happy about this. It is honestly a dream (excuse the pun) bed. My cosiness levels soared to one hundred.

My boyfriends short but sweet review: ‘It’s the best mattress I have ever slept on, I absolutely love it.‘ So do I, babe, so do I.

If you’re on the hunt for a new mattress, I highly recommend you try Leesa; even Teddy wants one!

They’re available directly from their website and you get a 100-night risk-free trial period. Another fab thing about Leesa is how important giving back is to them; for every ten mattresses sold, they donate one to a charitable cause. Now I don’t know about you but I think that is pretty awesome and more brands should take note.

You’ll definitely be guaranteed sweet dreams on the Leesa mattress. And obviously I can only speak for me and my multiple chronic illnesses but it hasn’t exacerbated them whatsoever, if anything it’s helped with stiffness, it supports every part of me and I enjoy going to bed more than ever.

If you’re interested in getting your hands, or your whole body and falling asleep on a Leesa Sleep mattress*, you can nab £100 off using code: FROMSARAHLEX

Do you have a decent sleep routine?
*Disclaimer: Leesa Sleep Ltd have provided have provided this product for review, content is my honest and unbiased opinion. Contains affiliate links.

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