Woman with long brown hair and glasses wearing black lace bralette and blue and white mans shirt

*Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Figleaves

This kind of content is way out of my comfort zone but I want to show that plus size, disabled bodies are desirable and sexy. With that in mind, I picked a few bras from Figleaves that made me feel all kinds of beautiful. It’s amazing what lingerie can do!

***Before I start, let me apologise for the hideous wallpaper in the background; we’ve just moved house and whoever lived here before us was a massive fan of pink floral***

Sexiness and disability are often not words you put together. How can a disabled person possibly be sexy? How can our bodies be attractive? What is hot about someone with an impairment?

These are questions that I personally find ludicrous. To me there is no difference between a disabled body and an abled body but to society, we’re othered. Our bodies are often deemed disagreeable but I want to challenge that. And whilst I’m here, I want to mention the added pressure society puts on plus size disabled people.

I’m not disabled because I’m fat. I’m not lazy. I’ve been in chronic pain my whole life, even when I was smaller. My fatness doesn’t change my DNA.

My plus size disabled body is doing the best it can. And my plus size disabled body deserves to feel sexy, look sexy and is sexy.

Woman with long brown hair and glasses wearing black bra and open white shirt
Woman with long brown hair and glasses playing with her hair wearing black bra and open white shirt

Woman with long brown hair and glasses wearing black bra and open white shirt

This Gossard Superboost Lace Padded Plunge bra comes in a range of colours, had removable pads, underwire, and a cute little bow and charm in the centre. It’s really comfortable, gives my boobs a huge boost and the lace detail is really pretty. I’m a massive fan of this bra!

Woman sat on stairs wearing jacket, bra and snake print leggings

This Dark Romance 1/4 pad balconette bra is one of my favourites. It’s underwired with a slight padding with sheer lace at the top of the cup; I love the detailing and the centre cut-out. This one is really comfy too and gives a gorgeous shape to my boobs.

Pretty sure this underwired Adore Full Cup bra is my ultimate fave; I definitely felt extra cute in this. The lace and sheerness of it is so stunning and it gives a great amount of support. It’s so delicate and pretty, and I love the frill detail.

Woman with long brown hair and glasses wearing pink and black bra with open white shirt

My last newbie bra is an Amour Underwired Non Padded from Pour Moi? It’s a gorgeous fushia and black piece that has a soft stretch. The black lace overlay adds to the sexiness and the balcony style gives a boss cleavage.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what anyone says or thinks about your body, if you’re happy and confident that’s what counts. A year ago I would have never posted, let alone taken these images and posted them online but body positivity and the plus size community on Instagram totally changed how I viewed myself.

Find what makes you feel sexy and confident, and live your best life. It’s not always lingerie for me; a good outfit, a great hair day or fab makeup can completely empower me and I hope I only ever have more of those days.

I’m disabled. I’m plus size. I’m sexy.

What makes you feel sexy?
*Disclaimer: This post is sponsored but all views are my honest, unbiased opinion.


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    Omg I love this so much! You look stunning and I love these bras! I feel like finding cute bras in bigger sizes can be a pain sometimes but these are hot af (so are you!). What a great collaboration! xxx


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    Those bras are so gorgeous and you look absolutely beautiful too! It's so difficult finding sexy, supportive AND comfortable bras when you're plus size! You definitely nailed sexy! 😀

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip || Latest Post

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