*Disclaimer: Don’t take these cures seriously

Disabled/chronically ill/mentally ill people are constantly bombarded by unsolicited, unwanted advice on our health. We can be talking about absolutely anything, not mention our condition and someone will pipe up with a ‘but have you tried…?’ There will always be someone that has never heard of your condition miraculously come up with a cure for it. They’re everywhere, these miracle workers, these healers. I’ve met so many and yet, I’m still disabled. Funny that.

I took to Twitter (lol, I’m never off it) and asked my disabled and chronically ill followers what they had been recommended to free us from our suffering; I’m eye-rolling so hard writing that.

I am in no way denouncing some of these methods as unhelpful but they are not cure-alls. So, these are a few things myself and fellow disabled people have heard to treat us, and the majority are bloody ridiculous.

  1. Exercise
  2. Tumeric
  3. Yoga/pilates
  4. Positive thinking
  5. Fresh air
  6. Raw diet/gluten-free/vegan
  7. Chiropractor/acupuncture/reflexology etc.
  8. Drinking more water
  9. Not worrying
  10. Being less lazy
  11. Aloe vera juice
  12. Pregnancy
  13. Essential oils
  14. Pray
  15. Healing crystals
  16. Deciding not to be ill
  17. Lose/gain weight
  18. Coconut oil
  19. Magnetic/copper bracelets
  20. Move to somewhere hot/the countryside
  21. More/less sleep
  22. Various vitamins
  23. Smile more often
  24. Balancing chakras
  25. Hypnosis
  26. Gardening
  27. Sex
  28. Tree hugging
  29. Cold bath
  30. Stopping medication
Every chronically ill/disabled person will have had a few, if not all of the above suggested to them, and we’re sick of it. If you have a suggestion that you want to give to someone that may help them, you can guarantee we already know about it and have probably tried it. It gets extremely tiresome and frustrating receiving advice that we don’t want and didn’t ask for. 
And let me tell you, nothing will CURE me, and I’m fine with that. I have fully accepted my disabled life and there’s nothing that will change that. So please do me a favour and don’t suggest a treatment, I’m sound as I am.
Is there a ‘cure’ you’ve had suggested that isn’t listed above?


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    Ever heard of the "Lightning Process"? I came across it when I was blogging about ME and the pitiful state of research into that but it claims to be a cure for just about everything under the sun including thyroid deficiency, which I have and is easily treated with supplements. (Using it on ME is particularly dangerous because someone can think themselves cured, if they are not severely affected — housebound rather than bedbound, say — and then make themselves much more ill by over-exercising.) And it costs a lot of money. We call it the "wallet-lightening process".

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    My favorite one (so far) was a really good friend of mine, who is a medical professional tell me he was in a lot of pain and then he lost 80 pounds and felt much better. Mmmkay, well, if exercise didn't exacerbate my pain, that might help…but thanks anyway! (I have fibromyalgia)

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