Hi there, my name is Sarah and I like to devour books. I must admit, I love to be surrounded by books, I love buying books, I love the smell and stacking them on my bookshelf, however, I also finding holding a book difficult due to my disability. Not only that but I have trouble concentrating and would gladly have my boyfriend read to me, but it’s not always top of his list. That’s where BookBeat* comes in.

Let me tell you all about it.

BookBeat launched in Sweden in 2015 and is a digital streaming service that allows listeners to download and listen to audiobooks on their mobile phones. There’s thousands of content to download which can be streamed or listened to offline. BookBeat’s library includes new releases and classics. And as an avid Victorian literature lover, the Classics are a definite must.

You can listen to as many audiobooks as you like, there is no limit and there’s also no commitments. If after a few months you decide it’s not for, you can cancel your subscription. It costs £12.90 each month and there’s no maximum on how many stories you listen to.

BookBeat offer a two week free trial but I have a fancy pants code that will get you a month worth of listening for absolutely nothing. Either use the code WONDERLAND or follow this link. This isn’t an affiliate code, I’m not making any commission from you using this; BookBeat were kind enough to extend the trial especially for my lovely readers. So, definitely take advantage of that.

I’m constantly being told by people that they wish they had the time to read, and I know exactly how they feel; life is busy, we get caught up in other things and picking up a book for an hour or two isn’t always the top of ones agenda. With BookBeat, you can listen anywhere. By either streaming via data or wifi, or downloading and saving to your BookBeat library, you can be driving to work and listening to a story.

I’m very much into editing photos lately and I’ve been having my headphones in listening to The Missing whilst messing about on Photoshop. I also find it extremely relaxing lying in bed, particularly when I’m having a high-pain day and haven’t got the energy to open my eyes, let alone read a book, to listen to a story via my phone.

BookBeat is really easy to use and as soon as I downloaded it, I played around on the app for a few minutes to get my bearings before knowing exactly what I was doing. It’s so simple and user friendly.

Each audiobook has a detailed synopsis, the book cover image, the genre, narrator and length of time the audiobook takes to be read. You can search for books by genre (like in the image above), scroll through the best sellers, featured audiobooks and editor’s picks, or even directly search for a specific novel.

I’m loving BookBeat and I’m sure you will too. Go check it out.

*Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by BookBeat; all views are my own.


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