The August collection arrived last week and I wasn’t allowed to open it until my nephew arrived that weekend at my house as he wanted to ‘help’ me because he’s very much a lover of receiving mail, like his auntie.

If you’re a stationery lover and want a parcel delivered to your door each month, I highly recommend subscribing. The designs are always exclusive, amazing quality and pretty bloody special. You can get #Paperhaul for £10 per month plus £2 postage if you live in the UK, and a tad extra for the rest of the world.

If you’re based in the UK and fancy a massive 50% off your first collection use code WONDERLAND when signing up. This code is not an affiliate link and does not have an expiration date so make sure you get on it.

Upon first impression, I felt quite underwhelmed with August’s collection but after flicking through the various paper products and then photographing it, I began to change my mind. I was originally not sure about the colour palette but the muted tones work really well and made me feel nostalgic. I’ve always been a lover of the sky; since I was a child I found the colour changes and textures fascinating and to this day I take photographs of sunsets and cloud formations. They’re usually featured on my Instagram Story, so don’t miss it.

The cute little quotes on each item are adorable, motivational and I can’t wait to send them as happy mail.

August’s collection included:

  • Two postcards
  • Three mini notecards and envelopes
  • A large greeting card and envelope
  • Notebook

Don’t forget to use code WONDERLAND for 50% off your first subscription and let me know in the comments whether you liked this collection.

‘There is always blue sky behind the clouds.’
What do you think of August’s #Paperhaul collection?

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