I’ve been part of Nouveau Lashes #lashgang from the beginning and every product or treatment that I’ve had/used, I’ve absolutely loved. I thought I’d dedicate this post to this awesome brand and give you an insight on the types of things they offer.

LVL Enhance | Prices vary depending on salon | Find salon near you here |
I love this treatment, I can’t rave about it enough. I’d been having LVL’s before I was blogging, before I was part of the #lashgang and I swear by it. I have horrible, little, stubby lashes that crossover and go in every direction but the way I want them to; LVL Enhance is a treatment that takes about 45 minutes and it straightens your lashes from the root giving them that curled, lifted look but lasts for 6-8 weeks. For someone like me, that has unruly eyelashes, this treatment works wonders. I wrote a whole post on it earlier this year with pictures of the process, you can read that here. I love my lashes because of LVL Enhance.
Nouveau offer other treatments so if this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, check out what else they have. I know the lash extensions are very popular too.
Strip Lashes Natural/1 | £4.95 | Nouveau Lashes |
I’ve linked to my favourite style of lashes but there’s so many to choose from. They’re excellent quality, and make the eyes pop. I absolutely love wearing falsies to add a little bit of something extra to a look. They’re really easy to apply, reusable and cruelty free. I wear glasses and found a few pairs that added volume and a bit of length that didn’t interfere with my specs; check that post out here.
Eye Makeup Remover* | £14.99 | Nouveau Lashes |
This is a new product from Nouveau and I’m a massive fan. It’s a micellar gel that is so sensitive on the eyes. There’s nothing I hate more than an eye makeup remover that stings, I’ll never pick it up again. This is really gentle and removes a smoky eye in a swipe. I’ve got it in my eyes a few times (I’m a dozy cow) and it’s not irritated them whatsoever, it felt like water. It’s also great at getting rid of the glue that always seems to linger after removing falsies. I’m really impressed, definitely check it out.
Ultrabond False Eyelash Adhesive* | £12.99 | Nouveau Lashes |
Oh my days, this glue is awesome. I’ve used lash glues before that don’t really do the job, they’ll be okay for a few hours and then the lashes will start peeling at the edges or take absolutely ages to become tacky enough to apply. Not this, Ultrabond is ultra strong. It’s a white glue that dries transparent, and once the lash is on, it’s not budging until you take it off. It’s ‘celebrated for being latex-free, animal and vegan friendly, non-irritable, low vapour, heat, humidity, sweat and water-resistant.’ The tube of glue lasts for ages too. Plus, you get a little pot with each set of strip lashes.
Fine Point Tweezers* | £10 | Nouveau Lashes |
I didn’t know I needed these tweezers in my life until I got them. They’re really easy and comfortable to use and the tip means they’re so precise. I use them to apply my falsies all the time but they’re quite sharp so be careful if you’re a newbie.
Lash and Brow Conditioning Serum* | £19.99 | Nouveau Lashes |
This is one of Nouveau’s newer products and it can be used as aftercare to LVL Enhance or a serum for the brows and lashes to condition them (says it in the name, really); it’s a bit like a primer for the lashes. It’s nourishes the hairs and over time gives them a fuller appearance. Since using the conditioning serum (four months on my lashes, as I had the old product, and two months on my brows) I haven’t had to have LVL Enhance because my lashes look amazing and are holding shape much better. I was told LVL trains your lashes and it seems mine are actually learning to look the way they’re meant to but I think the added help from this serum certainly did the job. The serum has made my brows look fuller, and I apply it twice a day to both lashes and eyebrows. This product is hypoallergenic and like all of Nouveau Lashes, cruelty free.
Have you tried any Nouveau Lashes products?


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