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Who knew finding the right mobility aid would be so stressful? Unless you’re going through the process, it doesn’t even cross your mind. And yet, it’s so frustrating and time-consuming. There’s absolutely nowhere that you can find reviews of disability products, there’s no one-stop shop to find out if something is good or awful, so who do you turn to when you need that kind of advice?

Let me introduce you to Access Your Life. Can you hear angels sing? No, neither can I but go with me on this as it’s worth it.

Access Your Life (AYL) is a newly launched website that allow users to review medical devices; they’re basically the TripAdvisor but for assistive devices/products. Seriously, how has nobody come up with this before? The plan is to create a space for users to communicate how much they liked or disliked a product and the reasons why. This means you can rely on people who are in a similar position to you for their honest opinion instead of being bombarded with information from a salesperson desperate for the sell or having to scour the internet for testimonials – which let’s face it, are always shining and wonderful, praising of the product. 
A lot of products that people with medical conditions require are extremely expensive, I’m talking in the thousands, so it’s really important to have a space with feedback and reviews because it gives the potential buyer more of an idea of whether or not the product they’ve had their eye on will work for them. There’s nowhere you can find an honest, unbiased review; and AYL recognised that and are providing it. I want to salute them but I’ve never saluted anything in my life, but you get the idea…basically, I’m a fan.
At the moment, since AYL is a newbie, they’re currently focusing on wheelchair reviews but in time this will expand and I’m sure it’ll be a go-to place for anyone that is on the hunt for a subjective review on a device or piece of equipment.
Personally, I could have done with this website years ago. I went through the process of being told to use a powerchair but I wasn’t eligible for one from Wheelchair Services so had to do all my own research. I not only couldn’t find the information, I didn’t know what I was looking for, what kind of chair I needed, whether I needed adaptions; I had no idea. I ended up fundraising for a basic powerchair that was uncomfortable and did more bad than good. I could use it for short periods of time but ended up resenting it because sitting in it actually destroyed my already dodgy bones. After months of suffering and not wanting to go out, I did more research and looked into various powerchairs with altered seating positions and leg elevators etc. and ended up having to fundraise again. My current powerchair is fab and I love it but I didn’t know it existed the first time around. I didn’t know I had to raise more money for something decent, I didn’t even know I needed one with so much spec. 
Again, I had nowhere to look, and nobody to ask. And I know a lot of people who have had a similar experience. That’s why Access Your Life will be so beneficial and why I support it wholeheartedly. 
Do you think you’d use Access Your Life?
*Disclaimer: This post is sponsored but all views are my honest, unbiased opinion


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